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  • is our promotional website; it provides very short and easy to read health and fitness facts, recipe's, idea's and perspective to support you in body, mind and spirit. There is no obligation to spend any money or join our membership programme - everything from juice60777 is FREE - FOREVER!
  • This superfoods4u website has a members section called VFP (more to follow) however, this website is also a secure online shop, that allows you to purchase our super products (more details to follow) - all the promotional stuff is done by Juice60777 - that's it - thank you and please continue browsing.
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THE GREATEST PROGRAM OF HOLISTIC INSIGHTS to support you in body, mind and spirit COST'S ONLY £50.00 PER YEAR.


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For those who desire facts and quality insights we have creadetd VFP.

VFP stands for Vibrational Frequency Programming or Very Frieendly Program:

  • VFP focuses on HARMONISING & BALANCING all the frequencies that influence optimal performance of your body, mind and spirit. Furthermore, the insights are cutting edge and holistic - meaning, we have considered the bigger picture with everything we present.
  • Membership of VFP also provides discount on superfoods, energy products and courses etc.
  • VFP also has a referral scheme to help raise money for your charity, church, school, community group, club or business.
  • We have an additional program within VFP called NLP that focuses purely on the body; eg: nutrition, exercise and physical and mental improvement and longevity.
  • We will be providing video links so you can watch and listen as well as read the insights.
  • VFP also links to Juice60777 - our FREE sms / text service that provides snippets of support, tips, ideas, prompts and even recipes etc.
  • VFP links to scientific reports and video's etc; plus testimonials from individuals around the world.
  • All the insights and discounts may be used by professionals to support their own business and to support their own members.

VFP only cost's £50.00 pa per household.

money bck guarantee

We are so confident that you will be inspired with the insights and benefits from VFP that we provide a 100% money back guarantee - simply contact us if you are not happy and we will refund the full amount - full details in the members section.

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About this website:


superfoods the elixir of life

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This website consists of two parts:

Part 1:

We sell a range of Superfoods, including:

  • SF1 - The most nutritionally dense whole food blend in the world - it is also a natural skin cleanser, perfect for a luxury face mask.
  • SF2 - A body detoxifier and pH enhancer; skin cleanser, fungal killer and natural deodorant and toothpaste.
  • SF3 - An anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, for the body and skin.
  • SF4 - The Ultimate wax melt, lip balm, body rub - turmeric (gold), frankincense and myrh. SF4 will support your body whilst it is healing.

We ALSO SELL water products:

  • #1 Water ionisers with molecular hydrogen and pH enhancer.

All of these super products may be purchased from this secure website.

Part 2:

An online holistic MEMBERS program of insights called - VFP

This is probably the greatest program of HOLISTIC INSIGHTS in the world to support you in body, mind and spirit. VFP is an acronym for Vibrational Frequency Programming, however, it also stands for - VERY FRIENDLY PROGRAM.

We have another part of VFP that focuses purley on the body (nutrition and fitness) - it is called NLP - Nutritional Logistics Program.

About Us:

We are based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England; however we provide our services worldwide.

We provide for individuals and organisations and we provide wholesale and reseller options in a variety of beneficial ways that you will appreciate - please contact us.

As well as being a business, we are keen to partner with educational providers and charitable trusts etc to further promote health, fitness and positive lifestyles - please contact us.

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SF1 - Premium Superfood Blend

SF1 is the most nutritionally dense, organic whole food in the world. It tastes fantastic and costs only £0.46 per serving.

superfood sample

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SF1 has to be the greatest Superfood in the world - look at this data:
superfood nutritional data

High Vibrational Food

SF1 is a unique blend of superfoods:

SF1 is the most nutritionally dense whole food blend in the world - it is also a natural skin cleanser, perfect for a luxury face mask.


Each individual superfood has a high alkaline pH, has super negative ions, and is what we call a High Frequency Food. The quantities we have used stimulate unusually high levels of energy and also promote the development of human growth hormone.

When combined with the VFP insights, within our Members section, you can virtually live off SF1. You only need a few other "almost super foods" per day - to provide everything you need to thrive.


It's Super ingredients include:

Spirulina & Chlorella; Wheatgrass & Barley grass; Camu Camu & Cocao.

SF1 is Super tasty and versatile:

It mixes well with water, a variety of milks (especially almond and coconut milk - yummee) and any of your favourite other mixes - it also makes a great ice cream, hummus and guacomole.


SF1 is SUPER value for money:

A 210g bottle is only £25.00 plus delivery and contains 42 x 5g servings - this allows you a months supply and enough to share with family and friends.
We also have a 25g TRIAL sample (5 servings) for only £7.50

It is virtually Sugar Free, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy and Gluten Free.


Ring us on 07931 326 164

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SF2 - Premium Superfood Blend

SF2 is a body detoxifier and pH enhancer with negative ions; skin cleanser, fungal killer, natural deodorant and toothpaste.

premium superfood

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SF2 has to be the greatest detox and cleanser in the world:

High Vibrational Food

SF2 has super high pH and negative ions.

It is sold in a 250g re-sealable pouch and also comes with an attractive 25g portable and sealable dispenser.
All for an incredible inclusive price of £25.00 plus delivery


The benefits of mixing 1 tsp with water and drinking:

When taken before HIIT or other intense exercise, SF2 buffers any lactic acid that builds up in hard-working muscles, delays fatigue and enhances athletic performance.

SF2 carries a high negative electrical charge that both cleans the blood and elliminates free radicals, viruses and other harmful organisms. It also improves bone mineralization, protects joints and fights the effect of ageing.

SF2 improves digestion, combats kidney disease, metabolic acidosis, reduces heartburn and provides better colon functioning whilst removing heavy metals.


It provides a stronger immune function and protection from illnesses and is also a mild antiseptic. SF2 also provides a healthier looking skin, hair, nails and stronger bones. It also provides protection from fractures and osteoporosis as well as improved joint and ligament health and improved energy.

When applied topically as a powder (like talcum powder) it helps sooth itchiness and irritation; and when rubbed on your feet and underarms makes an excellent natural deodorant.


Ring us on 07931 326 164

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SF3 - Premium Superfood Blend

SF3 is a super anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory for the body and skin - Curcumin @ 2000% Bioavailability.

SF3 Premium Superfood Blend

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SF3 has to be the greatest anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory blend in the world.:

250g for only £4.99


Curcumin @ 2000% Bioavailable

Curcumin has powerful anti-oxidant effects. It neutralizes free radicals on its own, then stimulates the body's own anti-oxidant enzymes.

The problem with curcumin is that it absorbs too slowly into the blood and also passes through the body too quickly to be effective. Adding black pepper and coconut oil improves the bioavailability, however, we have also added sunflower lecithin within a careful blend that increases its bioavailability by over 2000% - SF3 is the best way to benefit from curcumin.


SF3 can be used to overcome chronic, low-level inflammation and helps prevent metabolic snydrome, Alzheimer's and various degenerative conditions like diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease and cancer.

Chronic inflammation can also happen when people are obese or under stress.

SF3 boosts Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, linked to improved brain function and a lower risk of brain diseases.


Ring us on 07931 326 164

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SF Super Water

Pure filtered, alkaline, negative ionized, H2 molecular water - cost's less than £0.50 / day per household - cheaper than bottled water.


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Possibly the greatest contribution to the improvement of human health ever - THAT'S HOW GOOD THIS WATER IS - Pure filtered, alkaline, negative ionized, H2 molecular water.


super water

  • Filtered tap water or bottled water at an alkalinity between 9pH and 9.5pH;
  • ORP readings of between -350 and -500
  • Molecular Hydrogen (H2) at 1.1ppm
  • Prices from £0.46 / day per household
  • The systems run at a minimum rate of 1 litre per minute / 60 litres per hour, which is more than enough for your individual 2 litres per day AND enough for all your family and friends to benefit.
  • You could share the cost and the benefits – whatever you decide, you can have the best health and fitness program 'on tap' in the world.
  • Discounts may be available for members of VFP.
  • We also provide a referral scheme to help raise money for your charity, church, school, community group, club or business.
  • The systems can also be used by professionals to support their own business and to support their own members.

SF Water Jug

Super Water is also available on a portbale basis - with our SF Water Jug.

super water jug

SF Molecular H2 Tablets

SF Molecular H2 Tablets may be used in conjunction with the SF Water Jug, as the jug does not produce Molecular H2 like the SF Water System from Ultrastream.

The SF Molecular H2 Tablets create H2 levels of around 1.5 ppm, 3 times the normal output of a high end (£2000 plus) electronic water ionizer.

Drop a tablet in a bottle, seal the bottle, wait 5 minutes and drink.
The gas spreads throughout the body when you drink, infusing the benefits of hydrogen to every cell!

The Magnesium in SF Molecular H2 Tablets has the following EU approved health benefits:

  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Normal Electrolyte balance
  • Normal Energy yielding metabolism
  • Normal Nervous system function
  • Normal Muscle function
  • Normal Protein synthesis
  • Normal Psychological function
  • Normal Teeth and Bones
  • Normal Cell division

Please note: These health claims are fully approved by the European FSA. You can see these here.

Ingredients - Calcium 100mg (10% RDA) Phosphorus 75mg (7% RDA) Magnesium 70mg (17% RDA) Other ingredients: Non GMO Plant sourced cellulose, plant sterols, steric acid and plant silicon.

Fitness, Health & Beauty on Tap:

The fitness, health and beauty benefits of this water are so great that you need to recognise it is much more than a water filter system.

The benefits were originally developed for high performance athletes, combat professionals and professional sports people, however, due to our beneficial links with the manufacturers they are now available for everyone.

pH, negative ions and H2

Up until 2010 medical scientists considered an alkaline water (ph of 8 - 10) to be the most beneficial factor of healthy water. Then they gained perspective of ions, in particular, of the counter productive positive ions that were still produced despite a more alkaline pH; this is still the case with over 95% of "bottled water," which effectively means the health benefits are minimal.
Another unknown factor with positive charged water is the water molecule clusters - these are larger in positive water and this reduces the extent they can be absorbed into our cells; whereas negative ionised water has smaller water molecuor clusters and is much better for hydrating your cells.

For this reason a number of companies started to manufacture water purifiers that used electrolysis to create negative ionised water instead of positive ionised water. When a high pH and negative ions are combined they have much better health benefits - unfortunatley, most of these companies charge around £2,000.00 for such a water system - we think this is too much - and our system cost's less than £500.00

pH and negative ion testing video:

The following video is provided as we feel it is objective, clear and exciting in its presentation about pH and negative ions. It actually feeds to Chanson's own water system that provides genuine benefits; however, we have researched the marketing and the science, and believe the Ultrastreeam system is much better at a fraction of the cost (ie £500.00 instead of £2000.00), nonetheless, we have provided the link to their Chanson video rather than our own - to be as objective as possible.

Molecular Hydrogen

The most beneficial aspect of 'super water' is not a high pH or even negative ions it is the infusion of molecular H2 hydrogen - please view this video for more details.

Buy from superfoods4u

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Freedom & Resilience

We support people free themselves from their own psyche and from the imposed beliefs of others - find the truth & thrive.

freedom and resilience

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We provide Energy Therapy on a proactive basis to reduce and prevent stress related illness.

Government Sickness Statistics:

A recent government report on stress, indicated that:

The costs to Britain as a whole, is estimated to be £9.3 Billion which is equivalent to £17,600 per case.

  • In 2015/16 30.4 million working days were lost due to self-reported illness or injury.
  • 9 million days due to work related illness.
  • On average each person suffering took around 16 days off work, 20 days for ill health and 7.2 for injuries.
  • Stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the majority of days lost due to work related ill heath, 11.7 – 8.8 million days.
  • The average day lost per case for stress, depression or anxiety (24 days) was higher than for musculoskeletal disorders (16 days).

The Mental Health Therapy Scheme

We are trying to do something positive to help other people overome this problem:
Our main Consultant, Rachel Earing, is an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Nutrition Consultant & Family Coach.
Her collaborative work with the founder of superfoods4u, Marcus Pearson, aims to not only address negative energy, but provide further positive energy and encourage people to find their inners self and THRIVE with the truth.

Ring us for a chat on +44 7931 326 164

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We have created an opportunity for others to sell our product and services and benefit financially. More details below:


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We care about other people and in what we do.

We need more people to know about what we do, as the benefits and value for money are second to none. We would benefit from your support in extending the honest benefit of what we provide.

We have created an opportunity for others to market our product and services and benefit financially. This may be of benefit to any school, charity or community oganisation - or an individual seeking to generate an income amongst the struggles of life.

Referral Scheme:

We have our own referral / reward scheme to help you run your own fund rasining / profitable venture. This may be used to raise funds for your team, club, church, school, gym or PT business etc.

Improve the health, fitness, beauty and wellbeing of everyone you know and care about - and at the same time raise funds to help them even more (or help yourself).

Ring to discuss the options.

Ring us on +44 7931 326 164

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