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How much superfood should you take?»
How much superfood should you take?
  • Use 1 x 7.5g of SF1 as a daily supplement for children.
  • Use 1 x 15g of SF1 as a daily supplement for adults.
  • Use 2 x 15g of SF1 as a single meal replacement for an adult.
  • Use 4 x 15g of SF1 to replace 2 meals for an adult.
  • One bottle of SF1 Almond Pre-Mix contains 15g of SF1.
SF1 also contains over 10g of protein per 15g serving.
2 x 15g servings of SF1 would provide optimal levels of protein for anyone who wants to gain muscle mass.
It is low in calories and is low in fat and is perfect for anyone who is Vegan or Ketogenic. It is also perfect for children and the elderly.

The information we provide is for general guidance only.

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Health Benefits

The superfood "SF1" provides the tastiest blend of the best superfoods in the world. Each powder ingredient has health benefits in their own right, however, when combined, they provide a unique superfood that is not only the most nutritionally dense whole food in the world - but also the tastiest - and that is WHAT MAKES SF1 UNIQUE.

superfood powder

The superfood powder called SF1 has health benefits for infants, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Superfoods should be eaten every day:

SF1 should be taken on a regular daily basis in order to gain the full health benefits. Depending on how much you take and how you combine it with your eating and exercise regime, then this genuine superfood may be used for:

  • Weight loss - in particular loss of body fat
  • Bodybuilding - in particular increase in muscle mass
  • Increased well being - in particular increased energy and better hormonal balance
  • Improved brain power and memory recall
  • As an anti-oxidant and detoxing aid - to reduce free radicals, illness and stress.
  • To improve performance and aid recovery for athletes.

Superfoods are perfect for Vegan, Paleo and Ketogenic lifestyles.

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Fitness Benefits

SF1 contains 67% protein. This protein is unlike whey protein, in that it is not allergenic. It contains all the amino acids and is highly digestible and a pro-biotic.


SF1 also provides energy and is perfect for pre-exercise use - in fact you could take it before and after (1 tablespoon either side of your workout) - this would ensure maximal protein synthesis - PLUS it prevents DOM'S - (muscle soreness) - PLUS it eliminates free radicals by combating exercised induced oxidative stress.

SF1 mixed with - Beetroot and coconut:


This stamina shake is perfect for a pre-exercise energy boost because drinking beetroot juice boosts your stamina and could help you exercise for up to 16% longer. This drink also provides over 200% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C. The bell pepper, coconut and spices also help combat 'exercised induced oxidative stress' and limit the production of harmful free radicals - essentially this drink facilitates a SUPER PERFORMANCE and provides SUPER PROTECTION.
View our You Tube Channel for this recipe and many others.


SF1 Provides post exercise recovery and boosts muscle growth – It Makes You Feel Like SUPERMAN:

After a good work out of HIIT, Cross Fit, Grit, Spinning or pure strength and conditioning - you have up to 2 hours to maximise your nutritional potential - which in most cases will be to consume 20g - 30g of high quality protein.
20g - 30g has been scientifically proven to be the optimal amount to consume - any more than this and the body does not utilise it!
There are optimal ways to achieve this and popular ones include:

  • Eating a can of tuna or sardines - these provide the perfect amount of protein and are low in fat.
  • Taking whey protein shakes - these typically provide 24g of protein per 30g serving.
  • Have a 3 egg spinach omelette - this also provides good levels of fat for those who are Ketogenic.

Your body will process protein better if it does not have to process any fat or carbs, so the tuna and whey would be a good option, however, if you are vegan or allergic to dairy, or suffer from any of the whey related symptoms, then you may be looking for a healthier alternative.

Fitness benefits of superfoods


SF1 provides 20g of high quality vegan, non allergenic and highly deigestible protein per 30g serving.
It also provides more minerals and vitamins than any other whole food source in the world.
It can be taken with your favourite non dairy milk such as almond milk or coconut milk, or it can be taken with fruits or even added to yoghurt and eaten.
Or it may be taken with goats milk for that extra helping of Leucine.

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Tasty Recipe Benefits

SF1 is a versatile whole food in a powder form. It may be added to water or a variety of milk or fruit - in fact it may be mixed with anything that you like. We would encourage you to try mixing SF1 with your favourite shake ingredients, this way you should enjoy it more. Then take SF1 daily and you will gain from all its benefits.

We have our own You Tube video channel that has recipe ideas for SF1 plus other recipe ideas for anyone that is ketogenic.

The Benefits of Buying Superfoods from superfoods4u

Affordable and Versatile

Your first purchase should be a positive one - and superfoods4u have provided a flexible initial purchase option to ensure you get value for money.

  • You may purchase a small sample of SF1 that will enable you to make up 3 shakes with your favourite ingredients - this will only cost you £8.30 (including delivery).
  • You may purchase 1 x 210g pouch of SF1 - this will cost you £27.30 (including delivery).
  • You may purchase 4 x 210g pouches of SF1. This will entitle you to 25% EXTRA FREE - you will get 5 x 210g pouches for the price of 4 - this will cost you £96.00 (including delivery - which with this order IS FREE).
  • You may ring Marcus and discuss any other option that you would like - he is quite flexible and very friendly.
superfood 14 day money back guarantee

We also provide a 14 day money back guarantee - so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

SF1 may be used as a supplement or as a meal replacment, and as such the amount you use and how you use it will determine its true cost and value to you.

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Nutritional Ketosis

This Ketogenic Program is the healthiest style of eating in the world.

Buy Superfoods:

superfoods 4u

You can now buy superfoods online from a UK based company.

Superfoods4u is a trading division of "Get to the Top".
They have blended together the most nutritionally dense superfoods in the world into a tasty powder called SF1

SF1 can be blended with water, your favourite fruits, ice cream, salad and vegetables, almond milk and coconut milk (in fact any milk);
It can also be blended with chocolate powder or vanilla to provide the most nutritionally dense whole food in the world - in your preferred flavour.

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