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VFP is an acronym for Vibrational Frequency Programming.
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Vibrational Frequency Programming.

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Vibrational Frequency Programming or Very Friendly Program (VFP) is a holistic program to maximise the potential of your body, mind and spirit.



Let me start with a Very Friendly Program explanation:

Beliefs may inspire us or hold us back:

Beliefs are simply vibrational frequencies that your body and mind balance to provide your own personal harmonic resonance. Your beliefs reflect how you look and project yourself, how you behave, what you do and how you do it – you project what you believe!

Beliefs can raise your frequency or lower it depending on whether they are true or false.

It is illuminating to know that when you believe things that are actually wrong, your ‘inner but buried knowing’ may sub conciously know they are false, and this will cause you stress and create negative energy. When there is doubt this also causes stress.

Your body, mind and spirit will balance itself with your false or uncertain beliefs, and this will manifest itself in the way you look and behave.  This is an important insight, and what it means is that your brain does not know the difference between what you think and believe and the facts – it thinks your beliefs are real and balances your body, mind and spirit to tune into them regardless – so, when you have negative thoughts and beliefs then this will have a negative affect on how you look and how you behave,  and it will also have a negative impact on how other people interact with you or perceive you.

In just the same way, your body, mind and spirit will also tune itself to the truth and to positive thoughts. When you have positive thoughts and beliefs then more positive things will happen, positive coincidences will become more frequent and people will be more positive with you. Positive people tune in better to positive people and vice-versa.

The following infographic shows how our emotions are on a spiral. You can see that the upward spiral is much more positive than the downward spiral.

Negative energy, false beliefs and in-balance are at the core of a downward spiral.

Positive energy, true beliefs and balance are at the core of an upward spiral.

Vibrational Frequency Programming

The founders of VFP have very high vibrational frequencies (they are very balanced) and provide support at any level of the spiral of energy – contact us for a free chat and for support.


The key things to balance are autophagy, longevity, optimal nutrition, optimal fitness, sarcopenia, energy and Personal Time – ultimately for ENLIGHTENMENT.

Learning how to take time out and to focus on your inner self; learning how to focus and push your mind is as important as learning how to relax and clear your mind. When both of these can be balanced with positive thoughts and beliefs then almost everything else will fall into place.

A great starting point for exploring and benefitting from VFP is our Nutritional Logistics Program (NLP) – please click here for an introduction.


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