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My aim is to support and facilitate you to gain personal enlightenment and doing so – find love, energy, god, spirit and soul.

This is a personal invitation for enlightenment from Marcus Pearson

MSc E-Commerce, MMS, Dip Psych, Dip Mentoring, Dip Childcare

Copyright Notice: Published March 2018, Author – Marcus Pearson.

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Author’s Note:

This is the 2nd publication and is written for this blog site – it is clearer than than the 1st publication (available at the Kindle store) due to my experience of trting to explaining things. The book is written as various posts / chapters within the members section of this website. It is FREE for everyone that is a member of VFP.

This book (and my main book – “The Ultimate Purpose”), underpin ALL the insights within the members section of VFP. There are many people throughout the world who have been enlightened and some have an ability to explain it better than others – I will use their wisdom wherever possible to support my own efforts.

This is not a self-help book, or a book about self-esteem, or about setting goals, or a book about how to make money or how to be positive, nor is it a book on how to influence people or how to lose weight or gain muscle – it is much simpler and yet answers all these issues.

It is a book you would give to someone you love or care about or you think would benefit from its perspective.

This book is not about religion or spirituality and does not seek to influence what you do. It is a book that seeks to provide a new perspective on the way you consider life. It is a short book about the journey of enlightenment and reaches to your soul.

For someone you love:

If you could give someone the sum total of your knowledge and love in written form then this book may be the perfect starter – for it is about gaining enlightenment.

Gaining enlightenment however, is not for everyone!

This book focuses on how you might be able to –

‘Journey down a more enlightened path without having to gain enlightenment’

And, in doing so, perhaps be more aware of whether it is worth your time and effort to “seek and gain personal enlightenment”.

I would like you to BECOME THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF by gaining personal enlightenment – this will lead to you to discover the origin of love, energy, god, spirit and soul – I refer to this as “LEGS.”

I hope you enjoy this short journey,

Marcus Pearson


Chapter 1 – What is consciousness?

Chapter 2 – What is enlightenment?

Chapter 3 – Spiral energy states and stages

Chapter 4 – Developing your frequency  –  VFP.

Chapter 5 – Higher energy frequency and balance.

And now let us begin this journey together . . .

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