Chapter 1 – What is consciousness?


The question “What is consciousness” is perhaps an excellent starting point for anyone considering The Ultimate Purpose of Life. 

According to various online sources your consciousness is:

1. “the state of being aware of and responsive to your surroundings”

2. “a person’s awareness or perception of something”

3. “Anything that you are aware of at a given moment forms part of your consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of your lives.”

However, I feel it is important to understand and clarify it further – to get a bit deeper.

So let us start with this –

” Consciousness is the sum total of your experiences mixed with your senses”.

Our 5 senses are part of our psyche and according to

“In psychology, the psyche is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious.

So by going deeper on the subject we can understand that it includes things we have experienced but have to think about to remember.


“Consciousness also provides an indication of what other people really want, even if you don’t recognise it immediately or they don’t realise it themselves – and this is why consciousness is subject to PERSPECTIVE” .

Perspective is personal and subjective and influences our consciousness and our psyche (unconscious).

Our understanding of a moment and our ability to take in ALL the information is GREATER than we often give ourselves credit for. We gain perspective from our 5 senses but we also gain perspective from others and by considering what has happened with other things that have happened.

So by going even deeper on the subject we can understand how we can access more of what we have experienced by giving our own brain time to balance everything it has taken in.

We process EVERYTHING from our 5 senses, however, we often seek to process it too quickly and we often overlook ALL the information we have processed, especially as we often fail to combine it with our existing knowledge base that we have gained from ALL other experiences in our life.

When we sleep on things then our psyche has time to sort out EVERYTHING we have processed. We can also do things like going for a walk or relaxing and focusing on the subject to consider things.  This explains why we often have a “lightbulb moment” in a morning or perhaps after 20 mins of contemplation – it is simply our pysche and consciousness having time to work together.


We can go even deeper to a 3rd level –

“If we listen to our psyche and our sub- conscious, then this raises an interesting consideration – does our mind know the difference between what we think and what is actually going on – do our thoughts actually change what we do etc” ?

Let me clarify this further . . . Recent studies in neuroscience have shown that the effect of each body experience acts to change our brain.

“What if consiousness is actually the fabric that holds matter together”?

Dr, Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza claims that every time we learn something new, hundreds of thousands of our brain neurons change, which affects the state of our physical body – and most of this happens whilst we are sleeping or in a state of contemplation.

Science has confirmed that our mind does not know the difference between what we think or believe and actual reality or the truth.

This means we find it easy to believe things that are not true. We tend to believe what our perspective and psyche tells us – and why wouldn’t we?

So by going deeper to this 3rd level we can gain a psychological point of view, which confirms that we grow up to only believe what we see, or put another way, “if you don’t believe in something you won’t see it.”

This little ‘play on words’ is important because it introduces a different perspective to your thoughts, and that is – many people only see what they believe and can’t believe or understand what they can’t see.

A very important factor is lurking, that I have avoided so far . . .

This relates to what we perceive to know – as opposed what is actually the truth?!

So as not to run before we can walk, this will be delat with in Chaper 2 – so please read on and you will be able to consider these insights shortly.

Let us keep at this 3rd level for a little longer and consider this:

From the moment we are born we gain new perspective, and this increases with every passing moment. Everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste is new and becomes unique to us as we experience it with the influence of our parents, family or carers etc.

If you were born deaf, dumb or blind or had no limbs or you were born within an Eastern Culture or Western Culture, or even born in a different era, or were born within Royalty or within a family with untold wealth and power or to a family exposed to war or poverty and famine or were abused from being a child, then the way you were cared for, educated and nurtured – physically, mentally and spiritually would give you a different perspective on the important things in life. Your conscious life force would have developed what many refer to as a unique vibrational frequency. 

We now need to go deep again to a 4th level –

“There is a bigger energy field than our own!”

A bigger energy field exists and a simple example if this can be evidenced from the gravitational pull of the sun, the planets and the moons. 

Science has evidenced this energy to operate like a sphere or spiral.

Energy comes from air, water, exercise, nutrition as well as our thoughts and how we communicate, interact and deal with ‘love’. Energy also comes from the sun and from our family, friends, colleagues, our community and the environment.


In reading this, I would like you to consider a spiral of conscious energy developing around a community and even a ‘time period’ of emotional intelligence – PERSPECTIVE is all consuming and exists on a much bigger scale than you might imagine. 

How we evolve as a couple, family and community clearly influences our thoughts and beliefs, similarly, it influences the way other people perceive situations and events and it even influences the emotional intelligence of each generation.

On a very basic and simplistic basis, the problem facing every human and all society is our constant ‘in-balance’ with this spiral or wave of energy – caused by a misunderstanding of perspective itself – we are preoccupied with the wrong things!

Most people do not gain any mental clarity due to ‘doing too much’, and much of what they do has to be on ‘auto-pilot’ because science has evidenced we cannot do two things at once.

What this means is that many people live their life as they are led to believe it should be lived, and they conform to their consciousness which is itself misled. Our leaders are misled and misinformed and this in-balance has been going on for thousands of years.

But all is not lost – we are not all doomed – yet (lol) . . .

The only way to become balanced is for individuals to do less and to be mindful of each individual thing they do and to be mindful of the energy within a larger group. Developing a relationship with someone or a team / group cannot be done unless everyone is understanding of this perspective and mindful of any objective to improve it. 

As a side issue – Stress is caused when we cannot cope with the multi-tasking forced on us by our misconception and misled belief that we can process two sets of information and do something else at the same time. Once we recognise this simple oversight then it becomes clear why a clear mind is so hard to achieve. We are slaves to our consciousness – but we do not have to be?!

I would like to finish this chapter by going to a final 5th level – and this is a deep layer –

“All our thoughts and actions and all our consciousness and psyche are all different vibrating frequencies.

Each one of these vibrating frequencies will seek to balance or tune in with another one. This overall tuning is called your ‘harmonic balance’

If we want to improve our body, mind and spirit then all we have to focus on is balancing these vibrational frequencies – simple (if you know what to do).

I have created a name that encompasses this understanding and seeks to help you balance it – it is called Vibrational Frequency Programming or VFP.

Allow me to explain this again – and relate consciousness to VFP:

Most people have to rely on their consciousness to make decisions, to chill out and to just be themselves.

However, most people are not actually being their true self.

Most people adapt what they do and how they do it to fit in with their environment and to fit in with the people around them. Some people even aspire to greater things by ‘complying to the laws of attraction’; they try to copy the actions and beliefs of people they respect (or think they want to be like), and they do all this with their consciousness and psyche.

Very few people are true to themselves.

Very few people undertake work that they would chose to do without payment, and very few people can just be what they want to be, because of imposed or perceived rules, regulations or codes of conduct etc.

In order to be true to yourself you first have to know and find your true self, and most people never do this (or even recognise it).

All of these ‘in-balances’ can be related to vibrational frequencies that are simply out of tune. ‘Out of tune’ means that their body, mind and spirit are in conflict, and it’s as if they are all talking at the same time but saying different things. When your vibrational frequency is in tune then your body, mind and spirit are all saying the same thing and clarity exists. When this balance happens it raises the overall harmonic resonance of a person and this improves their health, longevity and happiness.

In conclusion – when you can learn how to program your own vibrational frequencies to be balanced’ then your perspective the ‘funcionality’ of all things related to your body, mind and spirit will be improved.

This is what VFP – Vibrational Frequency Programming is all about.

Vibrational Frequency Programming can be used to create optimal performance of your body, mind and spirit.

Before leaving this chapter, it may be necessary for some people to have the phrase ‘self-consciousness’ clarified – especially as it is nothing to do with this chapter!!

According to wikipedia:
“Self-consciousness is an acute sense of self-awareness. It is  a  preoccupation  with oneself, as opposed to the philosophical state of self-awareness, which is the awarenes that one exists as an individual being; although some writers use both terms interchangeably or synonymously.
An unpleasant feeling of self-consciousness may occur when one realizes that one is being watched or observed, the feeling that “everyone is looking” at oneself. Some people are habitually more self-conscious than others.
Unpleasant feelings of self-consciousness are sometimes associated with shyness or paranoia.”

So, now you understand consiousness, let us examine VFP in more detail . . .

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