Chapter 2 – What is the truth?


Enlightened Perspective on truth:

Technology allows us the opportunity to see vibrational frequencies of energy within and surrounding our bodies (they are called biophotons).

Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum. Cancer cells and healthy cells of the same type, for instance, can be discriminated by typical differences in biophoton emissions, and all of the colours relate to vibrational frequencies. Science has evidenced curing people of illness by emitting specific vibrational frequencies through various organs and parts of the body – and this in itself is an illuminating insight. 

All energy (electrons within matter) exhibits a remarkable self-organizing tendency to spontaneously sub-divide the space of their possible motions into periodically and symmetrically arranged alternating volumes, with exactly balanced reciprocating motions – this is a fact!

These biophotons are a true reflection of what is going on in the body, mind and spirit of a person (they reflect a periodic and symmetrical motion, that may or may not be optimal for your health and well being); however, as they are not visible to most people we must decipher the truth in other ways.

Facts and the truth:

Everything is a vibrational frequency (a balanced reciprocating motion) – this is a fact and the truth – regardless of how you perceive it.

Let me use frequency as an example of the difference between fact and truth:

The fact is that BBC Radio 2 has an FM frequency of 88.1 – 90.2

You can hear what is on this frequency when you ‘tune in’ to this frequency range – and what you hear is the truth.

If you do not tune in correctly then you will not hear the truth, nonetheless, it still exists and this is a fact.

Tuning in to the facts is what the truth is all about!

By recognising that the truth is simply a matter of tuning in to the same frequency as a fact explains everything!

The truth is not something that is hidden behind lies or is told as an honest representation – these are both simply ‘someone expressing information’.

What is the most important thing?

The most important ‘thing in life for us to master’ –  is not the truth, or facts, or happiness or even love – it is not even balance – it is” the opportunity to tune in” – let us consider this a little further.

We do not have to know that something is a fact or a truth – if it exists (even in our thoughts) then it is a fact, and a truth for someone at some point in time, otherwise it would not exist (we do not need science or philosophy to accept or reject this)   – it is just so!

Everything is a vibrational frequency – this is a fact and the truth – all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, dreams and aspirations are all vibrational frequencies – and so is love; and so are our actions and the actions and interactions of everything that exists.

What is important is recognising that we need to tune in to the frequency of something in order to gain perspective of it.

A vibrational frequency is what you are tuning in to,  however, when multiple vibrational frequencies interact then they may create a combined frequency – this is not a mid-way point and it is not a balance – it is not a new frequency, it is simply  multiple different frequencies accepting one another and interacting – this is the truth because it deals only with facts! For example; an individual human has millions of unique vibrational frequencies within and around their being, they are all tuning in with one another. In the same way ‘multiple life forms’ may try and tune in to one another. This tuning is called a ‘harmonic resonance’ and it is a true reflection of how an individual is tuning in to all the frequencies.

You are like a conductor, and you have the opportunity to ‘influence’ all of these frequencies. Some ‘things’ you may want to increase, and some ‘things’ you may want to reduce. You are the one that conducts how much exercise you do; and you are the one that conducts your nutritional intake; you also have control over the amount of energy you use and consume.

On a similar basis, you can listen to or watch someone, and respond to what they say or do, moreover, by responding you are making an effort to tune in more than you would be by not responding – how you respond and interact is the tuning in. If it is positive then your combined harmonic resonance will have more positive energy and everything in your life will be better.

Depending how well you respond / conduct and tune in with all these different frequencies, will determine how well your body, mind and spirit function; and how well they interact with other conductors!


Every individual naturally and subconsciously tunes in all their own frequencies, and as such everyone has a unique harmonic resonance. When people feel in tune with one another then they are simply tuning in their individual harmonic resonances. Furthermore, a group, a community and even a place has a harmonic resonance, and it changes depending on the individual frequencies. This is the truth and a fact, furthermore, this is what life is about – it is about learning how to tune in and interact!!

“All vibrational frequencies will try and tune in with one another. Some frequencies tune in to other frequencies more easily, and some cannot tune in to one another at all. Harmonic resonance tends to follow a cyclical spiral pattern (around a torus) and this allows frequencies to have multiple opportunities to tune in; however, the spiral goes up and down and in and out, so the tuning in possibilities are endless.

When optimal tuning in occurs then all the points of a vector equilibrium are balanced and a unified state is achieved. Such a state may permit us to ‘transcend into a greater dimension (perhaps one we refer to as a 4th dimension). More details in the book – The Ultimate Purpose.

Marcus Pearson

Harmonic resonance provides the structural patterns of matter.
All energy (electrons within matter) exhibits a remarkable self-organizing tendency to spontaneously sub-divide the space of their possible motions into periodically and symmetrically arranged alternating volumes, with exactly balanced reciprocating motions.
Harmonic resonance is the preeminent organizational principle of matter and energy in the universe. Like life itself, harmonic resonance represents a rare example where the entropy or disorder of a system is not increased, but is actually reduced with the onset of resonance, a spontaneous emergence of ordered spatial pattern out of a high entropy homogeneous medium. Harmonic resonance is the force that binds waves into particles of matter, and it is the harmonic resonance of chemical bonds that lock particles into bulk material substance. The octet rule that makes atoms swap or share electrons in an attempt to form complete outer shells, is itself a resonance phenomenon. A planet spinning on its axis is a kind of round-and-round pendulum, a rotational resonance with the surrounding universe, as is the orbit of a satellite around its planet, which can range from a near circular orbit to an extreme back-and-forth pendulum motion.
Harmonic resonance is the force that organizes planets in their orbits, and stars in their galaxies. And it is harmonic resonance that binds the individual activations of countless billions of individual neurons into the coherent integrated framework of experience and willful action that we call Mind.

Steven Lehar


Please compare what I have just highlighted to other ‘insights’ you may have come across – please consider how my example can be transferred to anything and be understood – this is because it is the truth and a fact – because you can tune in to it!! Compare this to the confusion that you may feel reading or listenening to other insights on the truth?!

So what?

So what now – how does this impact on your real world, what has changed?!

Nothing has changed AND EVERYTHING has changed!

Once you accept that YOU have the ability to tune in to anyone and anything then you have purpose in life – “your purpose is to tune in” because it allows you to be true to your own vibrational frequency; it allows you to be yourself.

Only by tuning in you can you learn and understand, accept, forgive, move on, guide, support and thrive.

You can thrive by tuning in to more people and you can thrive further by helping to improve the harmonic resonanace of a couple or family or group or community etc – but it starts with YOU improving the harmonic resonance between you and someone else.

Practical life – how do you tune in?

Many people and many environments have a low vibrational freququency. This means that the harmonic resonance (the natural balance of the vector equilibrium) is far from being balanced. This bad tuning may manifest itself with signs of tension, anxiety, awkwardness. rudeness, aggression, violence, abuse, lonelyness, self-pity, apathy or lack of worth – all of these are signs of negative energy.

Many people are surrounded by negative energy and low vibrational frequencies; for some this negative energy is all they can tune in to, and because of this they continually seek to tune it to what they know – how can you tune it to something you don’t know the frequency for?

Read the next chapter for details of how to tune in . . .

References – Further insights worth reading:

The following links relate to a book called

Harmonic Resonance In The Brain:

Spatial patterns in perception and behavior mediated by spatial standing waves in neural tissue

By Steven Lehar – it is very deep, however, it is cutting edge and relevant:

Additional waffle –

this was written before the clarification of truth relating to vibrational frequency.

I have chosen to keep it, because, it represents my attempt to clarify truth from a ‘normal perspective’ – rather than from an ‘enlightened perspective’ – so please read on . . .

It is important to clarify some important words that relate to our level of understanding, and these are – ‘information, knowledge, wisdom, insight and enlightenment’.

I have used ‘pleasure and happiness’ as an example to try and explain them:

Information is the receiving and processing of messages from our 5 main senses – from our consciousness. It may be recognizing a pleasant smell, taste or even laughing at something amusing or pleasant we hear, see or feel.

Everyone reacts differently to their senses and subsequently we cannot rely on information’ to be the same for everyone, even when they explain how they feel with honest endeavour.

Knowledge is knowing in advance which things, practices, people, and pleasures make you happy – from our consciousness.

Even people with similar or identical senses may experience ‘the same thing’ from a different perspective. Their perspective may be from from a different angle, or in a different light or with a different group etc. This makes the same thing different when different people reflect on it – so we cannot rely on knowledge being the same truth for everyone.

Wisdom is knowing that while things may bring you pleasure, happiness is not derived from things or situations or people. Wisdom is understanding that happiness comes from within, and that it’s a ‘temporary state of mind – from our consciousness’.

Insight is knowing that happiness is not the purpose of life, that it’s not the marker of the quality of life—it’s merely ‘one of the many fleeting states of mind in the spectrum of full emotions – from our consciousness’. Greater insight (as gained by reading this book, which is in a conscious state) may indicate that states of mind and emotions are merely frequencies of energy and we may be able to access ‘states of enlightenment – from BEYOND our consciousness’.

Each individual carries with them inner thoughts that may be contain more or less negative energy than someone else. The amount of negative or positive energy that someone carries inside them influences momentary thoughts – and as such neither wisdom or insight cannot be relied on for consistency or the truth from different

Enlightenment is initially a ‘state of awareness – from BEYOND our consciousness’. It provides a knowing that is pure and has nothing to do with conscious awareness, moreover, it may contradict your conscious awareness. Enlightenment of ‘pleasure and happiness’ is such that it should be encountered when you are being true to yourself and not thinking about what you are doing or why you are doing it – you are being pure.

Enlightenment comes from the space surrounding all physical matter. It is pure and is the same for everyone. It is a constant; and is not influenced by our consciousness or psyche – as such it is the truth. However, it is only the truth when it is supported by action from those who have received enlightenment. It often conflicts with conventionality, especially when spoken, and this ‘difference in opinion’ leaves many to believe it is not the truth because it is not understaood by those who have not been enlightened.

What does science think about truth?

Interestingly, a science called ‘biocentrism’, which basically supports the theory of Nondualism,  suggests that quantum mechanics is providing evidence that is subject to our ‘limited’ perspective – the reality of science is that it is limited to our consciousness – and the problem we face, is that most people that write on the subject, or lecture and discuss it on You Tube etc (such as Brain Cox and Richard Dawkins) are influenced by their senses / science, which is based purely on their consciousness and ALL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE  – and why wouldn’t they?

However, biocentrism and non-dualism are also subject to interpretation and have a variety of meanings and uses  – all of which serves to provide no clarity and therfore cannot be said to be the truth.

The purpose of this chapter is to highlight how humans use their intelligence to improve their perspective on life in search for the tuth – this is important.

Absolute truth and relative truth – is it important you understand the difference?

Absolute truth relates to something that is pure and simple.

Disambiguation is often required for the truth –

Disambiguation refers to the removal of ambiguity by making something clear.
Disambiguation narrows down the meaning of words and it’s a good thing. This word makes sense if you break it down. Dis means “not,” ambiguous means “unclear,” and the ending -tion makes it a noun.
For example when we consider a statement, such as –
H2O is water and

“H2O is the chemical formula for water, ice or steam which consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen”.

(source – Wikipedia)

You cannot argue against absolute truth unless an absolute truth is the basis of your argument.

More details here

We have a preference for seeing what we believe.

History, science, religion, politics, education and our own senses support this viewpoint.

“Subsequently, we hide what we don’t believe – so we don’t see it”.

The depth of meaning behind this sentence is very powerful, it underpins the difficulty for you in understanding and truly being aware of what this book is suggesting.

Let me repeat it – perhaps in another way, with a different perspective –

“if you don’t believe in something you won’t see it.”

The 2nd explanation seemed much easier, so why didn’t I just say that in the first place – well I did, or I thought I did – this is one of the problems with awareness and perspective.

Our awareness or perspective can also be a problem with understanding science and vice versa. Whilst science is excellent at providing evidence, facts and the ‘truth’, this is only for as long as science proves it otherwise – and from the perspective of the scientist, which may be limited.

Nicola Tesla (a famous scientist) said –

“the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think of energy, frequency and vibration”


The truth is what is actually happening!!!

It relates more to actions than words or thoughts.

Words are subjective in their meaning and interpretation and are subject to perspective which is also subjective.

What you do and how you do it is the truth, not what you say or think.

What about lies and deceit?

The point I am making relates to honest endeavour; and it relates to what you think is the honest truth, rather than lies or deceit. This means that even though you believe what you are saying is the truth, because it is subjective to your perspective and psyche, it may not be accurate or the truth.

Scientific evidence relates only to the confines of the research and not to everything, so it is an indication of expectation not the truth.

The only truth that can be gleamed from thought or discussion is when it is provided from outside your psyche!?!

The only insights, that I am aware of, that you can receive from beyond your consciousness, are from “enlightenment”

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