Chapter 4 – What is enlightenment?

We have something greater than consciousness within us:

Most parents and supportive family members will know that almost from birth the ‘soul’ of an individual is not only present but it is unique to each individual. As we develop through infancy, childhood, adolescence and become an adult our perspective becomes greater, however, deep down our soul remains the same.

Our growing up is influenced by our senses and our own unique perspective – hence, everyone has a slightly different opinion and attitude to things.

As we are growing up we discover that we are better at some things than others, but we also discover, and others discover, our unique personality.

Restrictions to our natural development:

Many people are restricted with their natural self-development. Most people become trapped by the ‘auto-pilot’ existence that has been our civilised world for thousands of years, or more relevantly, for the first 7 formative years of our life. Our civilisation often seeks to change, modify or even bury our ‘true self’; that ‘soul’ that we had as a baby, infant and a child – becomes subdued. This is often done on a sub-conscious basis to ‘accommodate the auto-pilot society we are almost forced to live in’ (especially as we are not shown an alternative).

Many people, especially psychologists, identify the first 7 years of our life as being crucial for the forming of our character, however, for many surrounded by negative energy, this time scale can be much longer in its influence and thus becomes much harder harder to overcome.  This is also the period during which our ‘soul’ starts to become hidden or buried by our ‘psyches’ reaction to our relationships and environment. If we have supportive nurturing that tries not to hide or bury the ‘pure you’, and seeks to provide a balanced perspective, then as you become an adult you will have more of your pure character still in tact.


We are nurtured to be slaves to our consciousness and psyche and to the thoughts our perspective provides.

We have another option, however, as the Kyballion points out – the lips are sealed to those who do not seek the truth, and this has held mankind back in discovering the truth for over 5000 years.

The truth is beyond our consciousness and can be found from what I call enlightenment.

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