CRON – Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrition

Scientific Studies – the facts about CRON:

CRON is an acronym for Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition.

New scientific studies (*1 – see reference below) have been carried out with regard to calorie restriction, and in the main, it appears that calorie restriction is very good for you – if done correctly. However, to avoid waffling on, science has indicated that calorie restriction due to Intermittent Fasting rather than simply eating less at meal times has the greatest benefits to health and longevity. Moreover, these benefits significantly relate to improvements in our brain and intelligence – and this has to be taken seriously – please view the following video:

This post does not focus on Intermittent Fasting, it focuses on CRON and there is a difference.

The difference between insights focusing on Intermittent Fasting (IF) and insights focusing on CRON, is that IF deals with the benefits of not eating and when to eat, whereas CRON deals with what to eat and when to eat – a subtle but significant difference.

What to eat with CRON:

Unlike the original 5:2 diet as promoted by Michael Mosley, which suggests you can eat anything you want in the 5 days, and eat approx 500 calories during the 2 days – a serious CRON approach is significantly different. It is different and better, because after the fast you eat the most nutritionally dense food you can.

When you combine the benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Optimum Nutrition, then you have the most effective CRON protocol that will provide you with anti-ageing, longevity and the highest quality of health and life.

The Nutritional Logistics Program (NLP) provides insights on the minimum amount of food you need to eat on a daily basis in order to consume over 100% of all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed on a daily basis.

The NLP program suggests the following foods as a minimal food intake per day:

  • Eat the most nutritionally dense food in the world, with the highest frequency / negative ions (this can be achieved by using SUPER WATER to wash / rinse your food) and by using SUPER WATER as a liquid for any powdered food.
  • SF1 is the most nutritionally dense superfood in the world and this should ideally be mixed with Super Water or with Coconut  / Almond Milk. For more details on SF1 and Super Water click here.
  • In addition to SF1 you should also consider eating the following foods every day and consider mixing some of these with SF3 to help with inflammation:
  • 250ml of coconut milk, 1 advocado, 65g of kale or broccoli, 65g of watercress or spinnach, 8 brazil nuts, 9 walnuts, 28g sunflower seeds, 4oz turkey breast and 4oz of tuna or salmon.
  • 60ml of red wine three or four times per week with 28g of dark cocao chocolate

The Nutritional Data for all the food above is:

Total Calories per day = 1,125

N.B. In stage 2 of the program you may increase this calorie intake with specific foods.

Total Fat per day = 102g

Total Carbs per day = 53g (29g net of fibre)

Total Fibre per day  = 24g

Total Protein per day = 69g

Does CRON actually work – Science and tests suggest it does. . .


When to eat with CRON:

After fasting it makes sense to make sure that what you eat is free from sugar and carbs (or at least as low as possible) as this minimises glycation and AGE’S.

By reducing the sugar / carb intake to approx 25g per day this will also induce a state of nutritional ketosis, which is also very healthy.

What about exercise and CRON?

Whilst in the fasting state it is optimal to undertake some HIIT in the morning, as this will maximise the uptake of any glycogen store in the liver and it will promote autophagy.

Furthermore, it is optimal to undertake strength training whilst in a fasted state later in the day (yes you can do both training sessions the same day and both in a fasted state).

This ‘later strength session’  will deactivate autophagy and promote the growth of skeletal muscle and elliminate sarcopenia. It will also maximise the production of BDNF – Brain Derived Neutrophic Factor, which will enhance your intelligence, support your pineal gland and enhance the opportunity for enlightenment.

The following video and protocols provide insights on what may be achieved with CRON when combined with Intermittent Fasting.

CRON Lifestyle Choices:

A Family Choice For A Healthier Life Together:

  • CRON is a lifestyle that is also being adopted by families, for example, whilst I follow a 23 hour fasting protocol and then eat optimal (following the NLP protocol)
  • My wife undertakes a 5:2 Intermittent Fasting protocol; meaning she eats normally for 5 days (following the NLP protocol) and fasts for 2 days per week. She fasts for approx 16 hours on a Monday and a Thursday every week, and after the fast she eats most of the daily intake in one sitting.
  • Our daughters do not fast, and eat three meals per day – (following the NLP protocol). They undertake CRON and this minimises their calories whilst maximising their nutritional intake, it also induces a natural state of Ketosis. The Keto adaptation and lack of sugar diminishes feelings of hunger and because they are young they naturally produce autophogenic cells. Their main benefit is Keto adaptation and minimising inflammation.

The emphasis for everyone is reducing sugar / carbs.

After the initial 2 months of this CRON program, it is possible to increase the food intake using the correct foods – more info on additional foods here.

Successful Ageing:

  • Work  – is good for you and ‘doing nothing’ is bad for you.
  • Diet – Cut out the sugar and eat less
  • Exercise – continious and strenous activity is healthy

If Adam had eaten the snake instead of the apple – the world and humans may have been much different?!

Hear the truth from a 93 year old with wisdom:


(*1) –

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