NLP – Additional notes for those who exercise

Additional notes for those who exercise:

Stage 1 of the NLP program is suitable for everyone, however, everyone is unique, and some people benefit from more or less of something. If you exercise, then you may benefit from a little more than the ‘standard stage 1 program provides’ – so please READ THIS POST for more insights on exercise and nutrition.

muscular strenth and HIIT

This good looking fellow only eats raw natural foods, but he is a gorilla, not a human and doesn’t have to cope with our civilised stress and neither is he influenced by marketing companies to ‘buy and consume their goods’ – so let’s get real:

This post will not seek to tell you how to train to be fitter or stronger.

This post is part of the members section of VFP – and the insights are cutting edge and the truth. They are based on a mixture of scientific evidence and practical experience.

It is based on improving your health and longevity;

The science –

This post specifically deals with the amount of food you consume at stage 1 of the NLP program.

A reminder of what we are considering . . .

The Nutritional Data for all the daily food is:

Total Calories per day = 1,125

Total Fat per day = 102g

Total Carbs per day = 53g (29g net of fibre)

Total Fibre per day  = 24g

Total Protein per day = 69g

The Micronutrients in total all exceed 100% of all the RDA and for SF1 they are:


I have personally trained and had success with this amount of food whilst undertaking intense HIIT and whilst undertaking intense strength training, however, I have ‘evolved into it’ I did not suddenly change what I did – and this is more likely what you are considering.

Your considerations need to be more holistic than purely physical.

If you want to improve your health then this is a great way to start on that journey. BUT – you are likely to be a normal person in terms of food and will likely be consuming too much sugar / carbs ot too much protein. (Approx 50% of protein is converted to glucose).

If you are Paleo or Keto adapted then stage 1 of this program will be easier and better for you.

Returning to the normal sugar or protein based eating monster; you are advised to consider the insights about keto adaptation  prior to commencing.

I will cut through the waffle and get to the point . . .

Try this program as it is – give it a full month and then evaluate how you feel and look. The worse case scenario is that you become a little leaner, more cut and possibly not have gained as much muscle as normal (you are unlikey to lose any muscle).

After month 1 then re-visit this post and continue reading the section after the video’s.




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