NLP – Suggested shopping list, meal planner and recipes STAGE #1

Suggested shopping list, meal planner and recipes:


This shopping list (highlighted items in orange), menu and recipe page is for Stage 1 “CRON” of the Nutritional Logistics Program.

This program should be excellent for anyone wanting to maximise their health, avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes, overcome high cholesterol and overcome problems with inflammation.

Here we go:


Unless you have the SUPER WATER system or H2 tablets, then you should be purchasing a portable alkaline and H2 filter. This will minimise your ongoing costs and ensure you get negative ionised, alkaline water with molecular hydrogen. If you want to proceed without this filter, then you need to be adding 1/3rd teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to each glass of water (bottled rather than tap water) , or adding natural lemon juice to your water.

Drink 2 litres of water throughout the day, but do not drink whilst eating or within 30 mins of eating (this will improve the nutritional density of your food).

Detox and cleanse your body especially in the first 1 – 3 months of adopting this lifestyle change. So – take 1 x teaspoon of SF2 every morning on an empty stomach and last thing at night (perhaps 30 mins before you go to bed).

  • SF1 is the most nutritionally dense superfood in the world and this should ideally be mixed with Super Water or with 250ml of Coconut  / Almond Milk. For more details on SF1 and Super Water click here.
  • In addition to SF1 you should also consider eating the following foods every day and consider mixing some of these with SF3 to help with inflammation:

Other key shopping list items  – NB. THESE ARE PER DAY PER PERSON:

The Nutritional Data for all the food above is approx:

Total Calories per day = 1,125

Total Fat per day = 102g

Total Carbs per day = 53g (29g net of fibre)

Total Fibre per day  = 24g

Total Protein per day = 69g

The Micronutrients in total exceed 100% of all RDA, and for SF1 they are:


Principles to understand:

Try to eat most of this food raw – that means uncooked.

Obviously the turkey steaks will need to be cooked, but slow cooking is best, followed by oven cooking or grilling. Try to avoid frying, however, if doing so use olive oil or coconut oil in preference to vegetable oil.

The same applies to fresh fish – if you are getting your fish from a tin, then just season it and eat it without cooking.

The emphasis is on sugar / carb reduction so do not drink anything with any sugar – especially fruit juice in any form.

Do not drink cows milk or coffee, however, you may drink a variety of green teas.

After the 2 month (suggested period for adaptation and for maximum effect) you may increase the food intake with a wider variety of foods, however, you must be considerate as to what effect this is having on your body – more details here on additional foods.

Recipe ideas and meal timings:

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