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We back up everything we do with personal testing, worldwide testimonials and scientific research - we also accept that the truth is what it is regardless of what perspective you have.

Superfoods4u is run by the Pearson family who are focused on tuning into to one another using the truth or 'love energy'.

The Pearson Family

We believe that our body, mind and spirit are waves of energy that are influenced by and are influencial to other waves of energy.
These waves of energy may be explained using numbers and frequencies; but on a simpler level, by tuning in to 'more natural higher frequencies', we believe that this 'natural energy or love energy' opens a 'gateway of true purpose' for true human being.

We induce, blend and distribute our own High Energy Frequencies using a range of superfood elixir's and molecular hydrogen. Click here for more information on our products.

We refer to this 'inducing of High Energy Frequencies' or 'tuning' as Vibrational Frequency Programming / VFP. Click here for more information on VFP.Our aim is to support individuals, families and communities tune in to 'higher frequencies' so they may pass through the gateway of true purpose and improve the quality and longevity of their lives for true human being - (not auto-pilot/artificial existence).

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In western science there are 3 recognised modalities of healing:
#1 - Electro magnetic waves.
#2 - Sound
#3 - Static magnetic
All of which benefit humans when tuned in to 432Hz. This frequency has benefits, however, it is not the pnly number or frequqncy that has benefits.

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