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An introduction to VFP:


VFP is UNIQUE and provides support for anyone that wants to improve the performance and function of their body, mind and spirit (including their business).

VFP provides you with the opportunity to gain perspective from scientific and practical insights, however, more than anything it ‘is about taking action’ and provides practical solutions to many common problems related to health, fitness, wellbeing, work and relationships. It encourages people to network, socialise and interact on a personal basis AND ON AN INTERNAL BASIS so they may ‘thrive‘; VFP also provides more detailed insights for you to consider on your journey for the truth.

VFP – Very Friendly Programme:

Our Very Friendly Programme consists of social media images and messages (mainly facebook and instagram) that link through to the  free posts at this website.

Please friend the founder Marcus – AKA – P Diddly Dacious on Facebook for an example.

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VFP – Vibrational Frequency Programming:

For those of you who like details and the truth, or perhaps run a small business, VFP have a category called Vibrational Frequency Programming;

This is a Members Only Section and it will cost £300.00 per household per year to be a member – (this is the cost as from January 2019, however, during our pre launch period, anyone that joins before 31st December 2018, may join for just £10.00 PER MONTH)

The Members Section has detailed insights and practical events with links to scientific research and practical experiences from people around the world including myself – we also have a closed facebook group from where you can chat personally with the founder and other members.

Additional bonus for small business owners – VFP provides a UNIQUE FREE SUPPORT SERVICE for small business owners. It provides insights and advice on digital marketing and also links into spiritual aspects and mental clarity, you will love it – more details here.

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