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The index below provides a summary of what we do and where to find more information.

    • VFP#1 – LiCrON Tuning for Physical Transformation (50 – 75MHz) – This is an educational and practical body transformation programme. It will retune your body, mind and behaviour to make positive changes that will remove toxins and low level inflammation from your body and brain. It balances hormones, increases energy and optimises physical performance. It is perfect for weight loss and body conditioning. This retuning programme will improve the quality of your life and will help you live longer. It is run in 3 phases of 21 days (9 weeks) and may be doubled for 27 weeks and ultimately become a lifestyle programme.
    • VFP#2 – Tuning for Thought Transformation (72 – 92MHz) – This is an educational transformation programme for retuning your being with the inner you rather than your ego. They insights are provided both online and as physical workshops, events, celebrations and unearthings with like minded beings.
    • VFP#3 – Tuning for The Flow Zone & Enlightenment (90 – 120MHz) – This is an educational awareness programme that builds on the knowledge from VFP#2. It provides insights on how to get in The Flow Zone. This euphoric state of being will focus you on becoming the greatest version of yourself. It may also lead to enlightenment and provide you with the knowing you have always wanted.
    • VFP#4 – Tuning for THRIVE Initiatives (80 – 200MHz) – We have our own Community re-tuning programmes for human beings to thrive together. These community based initiatives involve face to face physical interaction of body, mind and spirit to maximise true communal purpose at the highest frequencies. These may also be conducted on a worldwide basis directly with the founder.

Click here for more details about VFP retuning.

Any queries please Ring Marcus Pearson – 07931 326 164

About Superfoods4u – 

Where are superfoods4u based and what area’s do we service?

Superfoods4u is a family business based in Rochdale, Manchester, England, UK.

We provide all our products and programmes online and deliver on a worldwide basis, we also deliver personally on a local basis.

We are all connected and there is no limit to the extent that we may all tune in and benefit.

Our focus is family – our family and you!

The founder is Marcus Pearson and he is assisted by his wife Sharon and his youngest daughter Morgan – they are all into health, fitness and well-being.

Holistic critique:

Our other children, their partners and our wider family all contribute constructively to ensure the products and insights are discussed and critiqued. The family includes a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Energy Therapist (Accredited as an Advanced Practitioner in EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique) a Master Practitioner in NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotist, Reiki Master with an Advanced Diploma in Diet & Nutrition), Family Relationship Therapist, Sports Scientist and Science Teacher, Sports Coach and Fitness Instructor, Youth Mentor, Professional Footballer, English Teacher, Project Manager, Childcare Specialist and a Juvenile Social Worker.


Superfoods4u are philanthropists!
Our purpose is to increase the number of individuals, families and communities that function together on a holistic and philanthropic pathway.
A significant amount of our sales is donated towards our THRIVE Community Re-tuning Programmes and our Workshops / Events / Celebrations and Unearthings.

We would value your support with this!
(Please contact Marcus for more details).

Thank you for reading this.
Kindest Regards,
Marcus Pearson (aka P Diddly Dacious) – Founder



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