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Because You’re Worth It:

Because You're Worth It


Let us begin the story – IT IS CALLED “KARMA & KRIYA”

This is a story of twins, a boy and a girl. As they became older they both chose to live and learn in a different way.


Karma and the 5 senses

One of the twins was called Karma and this name means “to be aware of and to live life only through the perception of the 5 senses”. Because Karma only had thoughts and memories from what was personally experienced, or been told about by others, it was limited in total awareness, furthermore, Karma disbelieved what couldn’t be seen or proven.


The other twin was called Kriya and this means “to be aware of and to live life from beyond the perception of the 5 senses and beyond our own psyche, thoughts and memory”. Kriya developed an awareness that was not contaminated by the memory or activity of anything else. Kriya has the potential to be aware of the 99% of the life energy that cannot be perceived by Karma. This is the energy within and surrounding all matter.

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The story:

the story of karma and kriya


Karma chose a life where learning and thoughts were initially gained from self experience and a free spirit, however, these were soon dominated by having to listen to others and being told what was good and what was bad. As Karma got older thoughts and decisions were no longer based purely on their own psyche and memory, but also from a perspective provided by others, in particular providers of information and entertainment and educators in science, history, art, music, religion and economics. In later life Karma pursued a busy life as a ‘professional person’ with a well paid but demanding job. Karma was surrounded by family and friends who lived life in a similar manner, furthermore, they had similar thoughts and emotions.

Karma’s family and friends shared an emotional roller coaster of a life; mood swings and stress were common, as were colds and illness, and their energy levels fluctuated from day to day. A great emphasis was placed on looking good and trying to impress and influence other people. Those that succeeded with this ‘game’ often had more material wealth and had more control than those who were not as good at the game. Most of them looked forward to holidays and experiences that were different from their normal routine life.

Those who were very good at the game often attracted admirers that wanted to be more like them. Some of them understood something called ‘The Law of Attraction’ and benefited from this, however, their perception of this benefit was limited to their own psyche, ego and thoughts, and these were limited to a tiny proportion of what really existed. No matter how much they had, Karma was always looking for something they couldn’t see.

Karma and friends looked forward to retirement, however, they often didn’t know what to do and spent much of their time reflecting on the past or existing without any clear purpose or drive. Depending on their religious beliefs (some had none), a lack of purpose often led to apathy and decay of their mind, body and spirit.


Kriya chose a life where learning and thought was gained partly from the 5 senses, and partly from learning how to ‘tune in to the inner self’. Kriya developed ‘a layered approach to life’  that started with a short meditation first thing every morning. The thoughts that Kriya nurtured were based on emotional images rather than thoughts based on words or beliefs – they were not thoughts of the past or the future, but of the current emotion.

1st layer – This meditation focused on learning how to be aware of the body and mind and how to access optimal sources of energy that come from within and around the body, including energy from others (even those not in close proximity). Based on the feelings this inner searching generated, Kriya mentally structured the start of the day to try and maximise the growth of this positive emotional energy – Kriya thought about loving each aspect of what was thought about and this manifested itself with a positive effect. Kriya utilised ‘love energy’.

During the day Kriya lived in the moment and enjoyed things as they were. Little time was given to day dreaming and Kriya felt most stimulated when supporting others. At the end of each day Kriya had another short meditation to reflect on things, and to release any stored energy, especially any negative energy that may have been created.

As Kriya got older this meditation process became a lifestyle and it was used throughout the day as a building block for whatever arose – Kriya learned to make something positive out of every moment.


2nd layer – The next layer of focus for Kriya, nurtured mental stability by maximising the functional performance of the body and brain. An emphasis was placed on balancing the hormones and neuro transmitters and maximising the energy that the body generated. Once this further lifestyle had been mastered it naturally raised the ‘vibrational frequencies’ and ‘harmonic resonance’ that enabled Kriya to start on a journey of enlightenment – (enlightenment is another layer, and the most significant one).


After Kriya had gained enlightenment it was noticeable to Kriya that most people lived a lifestyle more in tune with Karma; whilst this was not a problem, it proved challenging for conversation and social interaction for Kriya; especially as most people had little understanding of what Kriya was all about. People couldn’t understand how Kriya could be so contended in life, happy, chilled and rarely stressed or ill, especially as Kriya eat such different food and kept very fit without spending much time training. Kriya seemed to bring on fortunate coincidences and had very little conversion based around material gain and hardly ever talked about work.

Kriya discovered that most people prefer to be around similar people, ‘everyone likes to tune in’, and Kriya was the same. As time went on, Kriya found new friends from all over the world that shared almost identical feelings about life and energy.

This ‘enlightenment layer’ for Kriya was devoted to supporting other people thrive and be as good as they can be – it led to a layer of enlightened action. This further raised the ‘harmonic resonance’ of Kriya and led to an awareness of what was needed to help wider communities and the world overcome much of the perceived problems. 

vibrational frequency stages

This higher frequency also led Kriya to be aware that Karma was a crucial aspect of human life, and underpinned our physical creation, nonetheless, Kriya became aware of certain principles that governed Karma – these are covered at the end.

Kriya’s layered approach was based on gaining awareness from looking inwards, rather than outwards at the world. What this meant practically was Kriya could access original and true honest thoughts, whereas, Karma accessed thoughts that were only influenced by the psyche and memory.

Kriya’s layered lifestyle approach allowed important stages to be mastered one at a time – and this is important.

Kriya and Karma loved one another and spent much time together, however, as time went on, both of them spent more time with other people that were similar to them – this is simply the “law of attraction” (see the video below for details).

Kriya’s supportive inspiration led others that were similar, to continue with this development and in doing so the vibrational energy that was Kriya continued through other people and even extended to the community. This community included those that were like Karma, however, in order to ensure that the Karma influence did not bring negative energy into the community, it focused on the children of the Karma who were less influenced that way.

When Kriya’s physical body died the spirit of Kriya continued within the higher frequency of other living Kriya’s and their was no sadness or confusion – only joy that the spirit of Kriya lived on and could be felt within everyone.

When Karma’s physical body died the spirit of Karma was not fulfilled and it could not join the spirit of other tuned in Karma’s because there frequency was too low and preoccupied with their own ego.

This is not the end of the story.

The next chapter relates Karma and Kriya with you – and it also reveals a secret that has been freely available to everyone since creation.

The Real Secret:


The REAL SECRET is in 4 parts –

Part 1 – You can gain true awareness from beyond your psyche and memory and ego (memory of mind and body)‘ – it is pure and true Kriya, and not contaminated or influenced by any of the principles of physical life – it is beyond all physical laws and priniples and beyond all that is covered in any books including The Kybalion.

Part 2 – The ability to then ‘transpose this ‘enlightened knowing’ as a true and uncorrupted thought and action’, with the knowing that what you are doing is true and has purpose – this is perhaps what we should all be aspiring to do – and the reason we don’t aspire towards it, is simply because people are not aware of the 1st and 2nd parts to the real secret or how to action them.

Part 3 – Enlightenment can be received by anyone, regardless of whether they pusue life as Karma or Kriya. More importantly, it is not where the inspiration comes from that matters, but more where it leads to and how it is achieved. Life was created so that the creator may experience life as a 3 dimensional physical entity, rather than a pure vibrational frequency (possibly a 4th dimensional energy). Subsequently, all aspects of life, both Karma and Kriya must be available for combining in any combination for the boundless opportunities of life to continue.

Part 4 – Only when a community lives together in harmony with their body, mind and spirit, and only when everyone is at this stage and experiencing interaction together will our possibilities be extended beyond where they exist at the moment. The opportunity for us to transcend into a 4th dimensional being may exist, and if it does then we may be able to travel backward or forward in time and even be at more than one place at the same time.

All of thie above is covered in my book – The Ultimate Purpose.

I have personally gained enlightenment and I know that by ‘applying emotion to your thoughts it increases the vibrational frequency’ – and the greatest cause and effect is generated by the feeling of love!

The Law of Love causes a greater outward vibrational frequency and the effect is ‘that greater love returns’ ; this does not mean that what you love will love you back, but it does mean you will receive love from someone or something. (Love does not mean sexual love).

It also means if you have negative emotions and thoughts then this will cause negative things to happen in your life – This Law shows no emotion it just returns what it is given.

You have the ability to create what you want, and similarly, to create what you don’t want – you do not have to seek a creator because you are the creator / conductor. 

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It pleases me that in thinking about this subject, and then considering making a video (something I am as yet not experienced with), that I looked online and in return for my thought (the cause of what I wanted) the effect was I came across this you tube presentation from the Indian Mystic Sadhguru – please watch and enjoy.

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