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Feeding elderly people

food for the elderly

Feeding elderly people is very important. Considerations for feeding elderly people should include the dietary needs for elderly people and ‘build up drinks’ for elderly people. I have written this post after having spent a  number of years caring for and feeding my own elderly parents. Feeding elderly people in care homes. Over the past […]

Why you should become sugar free and minimise dairy.

good vs bad

High levels of insulin are predominantly unhealthy. The LiCrOn Programme is focused on Lowering Insulin. Dairy products may hold you back with lowering insulin levels! Dairy products (milk and cheese and yoghurt) may actively INCREASE INSULIN GROWTH and this should be a consideration for you when considering your choice of insulin loweriing foods – healthy […]

How to be a great creator / conductor

You are the creator and conductor

You are the creator / conductor of your own destiny! A new supportive holistic programme is being launched called VFP, and it allows you to chose how much support you need or want on your journey. VFP (Vibrational Frequency Pogramming) provides support for you to learn how to be a great creator / conductor of […]

Why were we created?


Let us FOCUS on why we were created . . . This is a short post for those of you interested in spirituality. My name is Marcus Pearson and I have been enlightened – read on . . . What I am about to tell you is the truth: I have rewritten this to now […]

pH levels and hormonal balance


PH levels and hormonal balance: PH levels and hormonal balance play a significant part in the health and fitness of our body, mind and spirit. It is important to keep the PH levels and hormones balanced. This often takes time and commitment to certain lifestyle changes, including exercise and regular detoxification. Poor pH levels often […]

Holistic action


Let it begin – this is an invitation to you: “It is better to live in an enlightened way than to be enlightened and not take action”. Marcus Pearson Since becoming enlightened and then trying to take action to support what I know, I have had to change my own ‘mental conditioning’ and I now […]