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Love, liberation and parenting

social interaction

♥What is Love? Love is a higher frequency! According to the author Marcus Pearson in his book ‘The Ultimate Purpose’, Love is a word that may be used within the correct context to replace words or meanings such as Energy, God, Soul or Spirit – it is used as part of the acronym ‘LEGS’ – […]

Thrive – The Movie

This is an interesting movie and worth watching with someone else. When you have watched it, may I suggest you take some time to sit in silence and consider what you as an individual can do to impact on anything from this video. I have the solution to all aspects covered in this video, and […]

Food and drink

These video’s have been provided to help you gain insights into what you may be looking for in video rather than words. If there is something you want and can’t find it, simply chat with us on facebook and we will try and source and provide details for you. Our path is one of responsibility. We try […]