Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions relate to trading between www.superfoods4u.co.uk (a division of the business “Get to the Top” – the owner being – Marcus Pearson) and anyone purchasing the products or becoming a member of any programme, or attending any event etc).

Dear Customer,

Activities within this contract:
With regard to Membership of VFP – Vibrational Frequency Programming:
This information is only written as a means of protecting myself from those that would otherwise take advantage – I would rather not have to write this, however –
I provide free introductory insights and a fee paying members section, via social media and this website. You can see what is going on before you pay for membership. The insights I provide are only for guidance, as I am not a qualified Doctor or therapist. I will not be held responsible for anyone suffering illness or injury whilst undertaking any guidelines or programme; or from those who consume a product without checking it is afe for them with their Doctor or Nutritionist. All the information may be presented to Doctors and other ‘professionals’ for scrutiny prior to you embarking on them; moreover, I would be delighted for you to share it with them as they may contact me to discuss mutual cooperation.
I am honest and truthful, with high morals.
All the insights and programmes may be downloaded within a matter of minutes and consequently no discount or money back guarantee is provided.

My own pre-contractual information:
I am committed to uphold the DSR (Distance Selling Regulations) and these apply to me as a business when supplying goods that I own and sell online and as a business provider on my websites and eBay and Amazon etc.
I am obliged to give my consumers certain information before they agree to buy from me. This pre-contractual information includes the following:
Prices/Costs for buying with me:
The price you see at the checkout is the price you pay.
Who are you dealing with?
This business/website is operated by ‘Marcus Pearson’ – trading as ‘Get to the Top’ via various websites.
My registered address is –
12, Buxton Crescent, Turf Hill, Rochdale, Lancashire. OL16 4TU
The business was set up to trade from 1st May 2018 and is currently not VAT registered.
Description of the main characteristics of the goods and services we are offering:
All the goods and services that are owned by me will be genuine and are sold with a description as to their condition.
Prices and Taxes:
All my goods and prices will be clearly marked and any additional taxes and shipping costs will be totalled up and provided to you before you decide to purchase.
Delivery Costs:
These are indicated in advance.
How payments can be made:
Almost all payments, until otherwise indicated, will be via PayPal or by cash – YOU DO NOT need to have a PayPal account in order to buy from us – because PayPal will also allow you to pay by credit or debit card.
Visit their website at http://www.paypal.co.uk/uk
I do not provide any goods until I have been paid in full. The placing of an order is a legally binding transaction and involves me having to prevent someone else from purchasing the same item or may involve me having to buy further stock items and incur costs. Any orders placed with payments being made on collection are not subject to any DSR regulations and you the customer will be obliged to pay in full for any such cancelled order if so specified in my pre-contractual information.
The arrangements for delivery:
The goods should be delivered within 30 days but I will contact you to confirm the delivery and will aim to dispatch within 48 hours of receiving cleared funds – or on receipt of cash for a pick up. We use royal mail 2nd class sign post which should take 2-3 days.
I will e-mail you these Terms & Conditions with every order so you have a hard copy – this prevents me from changing the info at the website at a later date. You will also receive a confirmation email from Paypal confirming the transaction details.
The following information is applicable:
The price or the offer remains valid for the full period prior to the goods being purchased. This means that if you pay for them online via PayPal then whatever amount you pay is valid. If you are collecting the goods and paying by cash you must confirm the amount prior to collection – the online price may be cheaper than the collection price!
Carrying out the contract
Our contract must be carried out within the statutory time limit of 30 days from the day after you sent the order to me. If this is not possible I will agree an alternative date with you before the deadline.
Otherwise you are entitled to a full refund, including the postage and packaging, unless you agree to a new deadline to give me more time.
Consumers’cancellation rights
The DSRs give consumers the right to cancel an order. This right is unconditional and begins from the moment the contract is concluded.
The time limits with me for cancellation are 7 working days (not including weekends or bank holidays) after the day on which you receive the goods.
Distance Selling Regulations and eBay:
What if you change your mind?
Distance Selling Regulations
The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 generally apply to sales to consumers made by sellers acting in the course of a business, which have been made at a distance. In other words, where there’s no face-to-face contact between the seller and the consumer before the contract is made.
The Distance Selling Regulations apply to items purchased from online shops and via Buy It Now listings and Second Chance Offers on eBay.co.uk. However, they don’t apply to auction format listings on eBay.co.uk or other auction sites.
The Regulations also provide a period of seven working days after the date of receipt within which the consumer can cancel the contract (often referred to as the “cooling off” period) and get their money back, including the original postage and packing charges. The consumer can be asked to return the goods at their own expense, but only if the seller informed them of this requirement before the contract was made (otherwise, the seller is responsible for collecting the goods). If a business seller has not provided the information required under the Distance Selling Regulations (as discussed above), the buyer will have up to 3 months to cancel the contract and get their money back. (Confirmation of this is given below).
So in response to the DSR – What must consumers do if they want to cancel WITH ME?
You must tell you me in writing or in another durable medium such as e-mail, if you want to cancel but not by phone as this is unacceptable.
The DSRs do, however, give me as a supplier a right of action against consumers for breach of the statutory duty to take reasonable care of the goods – if the goods are damaged (including any packaging)) on return I will charge you the full price or repairable/replacement cost – (please be aware that the packaging on high quality items is a significant aspect of the overall cost and if packaging on such goods is damaged then the replacement charge is 50% of the total cost of the item).
I will refund the full amount excluding the delivery costs as soon as possible after the consumer cancels, and in any case within 30 days at the latest.
Returning goods
It is hereby covered in this contract that you the consumer will pay for the cost of returning the ordered goods. If you the consumer fail to return the goods, or return them at my expense, I will charge these direct costs to you even if I have already refunded you the money. I am not allowed to make any further charges.
Jurisdiction and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions:
This website is controlled and operated by Marcus Pearson trading as ‘Get to the Top’, from my offices in England. The formation, existence, construction, performance, validity in all aspects whatsoever of these Terms and Conditions or of any term of these Terms and Conditions or any dispute in relation to the materials contained in this website shall be governed by English law. The English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or use of the website.
Your continued use of this and all related websites indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Personal Data
I shall use the personal information supplied regarding the Seller to provide the services as requested by the Supplier under each Contract. I will not publish the Seller’s personal information on the Site or pass it to any third party unless required to do so by the Rules of the Site, e.g. in the event of dispute, or by law. I may from time to time contact the Seller with information about my services and the Seller shall be given an opportunity to opt-out of receiving such information during registration or may subsequently do so at any time.

Yours Faithfully,
Marcus Pearson