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Marcus Pearson AKA P Diddly Dacious lives in Rochdale, England. He is a happily married man with five children and three grandchildren (and growing). He has written two books on the Purpose of Life. These were written after he claims to have been 'enlightened' in 2013 and he has had subsequent enlightenments since. Everything he does and how he lives is underpinned by his desire to help others become enlightened.
He has worked in a supportive environment all his working life. As a contract work study engineer, management consultant, entrepreneur, sports coach, instructor and mentor for children, young people and adults. For the past ten years he has also focused on digital marketing, health, nutrition and exercise. Marcus has developed his own range of superfoods and his own holistic approach called Vibrational Frequency Programming.
He only writes about what he has experienced, however, he cross references it with perspective from others around the world to try and remain balanced. He has no desire to influence, only to provide insight.

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Emotional retuning – #VFP528

#VFP1 LiCrON Tuning for Physical Transformation (50-75Hz) is actually delivered in two stages; and #VFP528 is the second stage.

If you have not read the first stage please click here, otherwise read on . . .

The first stage, LiCrON retuning, helps physical transformation through self discipline and self respect by improving your health and self control.

#VFP528 takes your physical transformation to a higher level:

This is a programme for preventative illness (physical & mental):

This programme is designed to help people better manage their self control with exercise, sleep, eating, drinking and relaxation. It also helps people better manage upsetting feelings such as anxiety, stress, anger, depression, pessimism and loneliness. It will also help people better manage a variety of frequencies society has named  – such as ADHD, Autism, Alexithymia, Dyslexithymia, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) etc.

As a combined programme, or run independently, each stage may be used for disease and low level inflammation prevention.

This post focuses on stage 2:

Your emotions control your physical well-being. So emotional retuning is essential.

#VFP528 will retune you to have a higher emotional vibrational frequency.

You do not have to have undertaken LiCrON tuning to undertake #VFP528.

The insights may be applied for children, teenagers, adults, the elderly and by a whole family. They may be applied within different environments, such as a school setting, a home setting or within a community setting. The insights highlight a solution that simply requires longer periods of quality time to be spent between people for a sustained period of time. The aim is to establish a mental, physical and emotional tuning, underpinned by a feeling of security or safety and unconditional being.

Marcus Pearson

Preoccupation with worries and insecurity:

Unblocking any negative energy that holds you back is crucial in life. #VFP528 seeks to progress you through any blockages in your root chakra. It will help you overcome very low energy levels and also help you better deal with relationship problems and negative addictive behaviour and patterns.

Don’t conform – find and be yourselfafter all, everybody else is taken!

We are all funnelled into an ‘auto-pilot existence’. Some play the game better than others and seem to enjoy the rewards. The real game however, is escaping from conformity to find and be your true inner self. When we don’t conform everyone, including ourselves perceive it as a problem – it isn’t. It is a sign that you are rebelling against conformity and a lack of understanding from others (or have emotional tuning difficulties that can be overcome with the correct retuning).

#VFP528 will take you through the 3rd / yellow chakra and develop your self of identity. You will start to have confidence in your decisions and become more self reliant.

When we conform and live within an auto-pilot existence then we are living within forces that we perceive to be greater than ourselves. Some refer to this as living within the confines or control of Saturn (strange but true).


#VFP528 tuning is all about rising up against all of the problems we come up against in life.

Each of us must learn to come to grips with our own problems and deal with them. Most people live within the control of Saturn for most of their lives. If you feel yourself rebelling or see others rebelling – it is often a sign they are struggling to free themselves from the control of Saturn.

Living under the control of Saturn means you are living a life of constant imitation; meaning you are not being your inner -self. You are living an auto-pilot existence and living  life that is influenced or controlled by your education and social and political and religious choices or indoctrination. You are living life through your EGO and not the true inner you.

Freeing yourself from the control of others and your own ego may be more difficult for some than others. This is what #VFP528 is all about – are you ready for the retuning?

We are not all created equal:

Vibrational frequencies pass through us all, however, we are not created equal . . .

Some people do not tune in to certain frequencies as easily as others, and some people do not tune into certain frequencies at all. Some people may be shown how to retune, whilst others, due to cellular damage, may never tune in to certain frequencies. Society has given names to certain tuning problems –  such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Alexithymia, Dyslexithymia etc; however, there are more ways to tune in than with those solutions provided by our auto-pilot society.

In reality non of these conditions actually exist – they simply highlight an inability to tune in with the most auto-pilot strategies.

#VFP528 will show you how to overcome these tuning problems.

Marcus Pearson

#VFP528 recognises that these perceived problems never go away; so it retunes you to higher frequencies of understanding, so you may fly above the problems problems – yes this can be done!!

#VFP528 takes physical transformation to a higher level by showing you how to control negative energy and addictive influences in your life.

#VFP528 is a combination of the chakra’s:

The approach of #VFP528 may be similar to how others relate to the fifth chakra, however, when we relate this to our own programme the key aim equates is progression from the yellow chakra to the green chakra (3rd to 4th chakra).

Some may say that Saturn is actually the 1st chakra or the 6th chakra, and we have no reason to conflict with this. We are simply stating that our approach, for those who like this approach, is more in tune with the colours yellow, green and turquoise. It does not make anything more right or more wrong – it is simply a harmony of the three!

#VFP528 is concerned with learning how to give yourself in body, mind and spirit to a cause or person. It is unconditional, pure and true.

#VFP528 may be tuned into as a state (every now and then). It is much better if it is tuned into as a stage (a permanent tuning – like riding a bike). In order to tune in and keep the insights and benefits you should have dealt with aspects of self control and security first. (LiCrON stage 1).

Subsequently, #VFP528 will retune you to a level where you may tune in with your inner-self and find your creativity and self expression. You will retune to your inner values of loyalty, dedication and truth. You will transcend from negative anxiety, boredom and conformity to a higher frequency where your desire to learn merges with what you enjoy.

With #VFP528 you will start to let go and identify with yourself.

At this frequency your love will be noticed (love is within us all at our core). You will feel love with what you do; you will feel love with others around you and most importantly you will feel love when you are on your own – you will feel your inner self.

This frequency is not something you simply listen to. It is a frequency that requires you to give someone else your time. You need to give someone your mental, physical and emotional being. You need to tune in with another person in a true, loyal and unconditional way.

#VFP528 is also run as an educational programme for children and teachers (those supporting children):

Imparting emotional intelligence to children is crucial for the future of mankind.

Schools, headteachers, teachers and support staff may use the insights from #VFP528 to better manage upsetting feelings such as anxiety, stress, anger, depression, pessimism and loneliness. It will also help people better manage a variety of frequencies society has named  – such as ADHD, Autism, Alexithymia, Dyslexithymia, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) etc.

Please click here for more details on our emotional educational programme for schools.

#VFP528 is the love frequency and it is calling to you right now . . .

Join VFP and tune in to find out more.