Holistic Wellbeing Programmes

Holistic Wellbeing Programmes Events & Workshops are at the core of what superfoods4u are all about. Our purpose is to maximise your life as a human being.

To maximise your life as a human being you must learn how to tune in to energy frequencies that facilitate your purpose.

In order to achieve this you should let your spirit guide you to your purpose rather than your thoughts.

VFP uses an eclectic approach to retune the body, mind and spirit, that recognises and supports each person’s individuality.

All knowledge already exists, all the answers to all the questions already exists – by surrendering our minds to accept that what we know is subject to greater awareness is the start of VFP.

VFP or Vibrational Frequency Programming seeks to illuminate pathways for you to find enlightenment.

Marcus Pearson

Only by tuning in to your own spirit will you be able to be yourself and find true purpose.

Superfoods4u was created out of the ‘personal enlightenment’ received from the founder Marcus Pearson (Which means he was shown the truth by his spirit, which communicated this beyond awareness of his 5 senses).

The details of this are in his publications – ‘Because Your’e Worth it & The Ultimate Purpose.

So why – Holistic Well-being Re-tuning Programmes?

The Ultimate Purpose for the founder of superfoods4u is to increase the number of people that are enlightened to higher frequencies beyond the 5 senses.

Our re-tuning or well-being programme is called Vibrational Frequency Programming (VFP) and it will support you in mind, body and spirit.

For specific details of VFP please click here.

The first re-tuning focusesphase of VFP focuses on re-tuning your mind and body to improve your healthn via nutrition and exercise – it is called The LiCrON Health Programmeclick here for specific details (it may be used for weight loss, body transformation and hormonal balance).

So what is the purpose of this article about Well-being?

The purpose of this article is to clarify that the author believes –

only be being though actions that are led by your inner-self, and not your thoughts, will you be able to embark on a journey that has a true purpose”. Having clarity on your purpose will harmonise your body, mind and spirit. Everything you do and how you do it will be stress free and you will live a better quality longer life.

A well-being programme involves an upgrade of your personal  operating system.

Marcus Pearson

Let me explain what I mean by relating this personal upgrade ‘to a mobile phone upgrade’.

Old mobile phones could only be used as a phone; whereas new ones can use live picture and and have wi-fi connectivity – they have updated their operating system. The newest devices also tell you your heart rate and can track what you are doing and where you are doing it, they can also track who you are doing it with.

Perhaps more interestingly (and this was originally not of any focus for the article); for many people the mobile phones are used as a guidance tool for how they feel and how they perceive their interacion with the ourside world. They utilise apps to guide them on how to get where they think they are going. They use apps to guide them on where to stay and where and what to eat and how to pay. They use apps that tell them a ‘number’ that they relate to ‘money or time’ and this then influences what they do, when they do it and how they feel. They are further influenced by information that appears on their phones after they search for something that they feel they need guidance on. Furthermore, their phones project sounds and music and images and video’s that further guide people on a journey that they are increasingly following.

The perspective I am trying to highlight, is one that for some people, the mobile phone upgrade is almost playing the role of an intelligence source for the user – a source of information that they trust and use in preference to thinking and doing for themselves.

Artificial Intelligence – is it impacting on you?

Our phones have clearly been upgraded to the extent that they are, for many people, a ‘relied and trusted part of their own lifestyle intelligence. The phones and their wi-fi connectivity are an artificial intelligence that is impacting on the ‘operating systems of many human beings’ – are you one of them, or do you know someone who is influenced by all these incoming frequencies.

Before the internet Incoming frequencies from newspapers, and the radio and Tv and from face to face contact were used to manipulate us and to control us. They still control our health, fitness and emotional well-being.

We have been conditioned for many years without realising it.

We are influenced / controlled by what are essentially numbers and frequencies.

If you want to have control of your own life, if you want to have a genuine purpose in life that is generated from your own feelings and inner self; then you have to STOP being influenced by all these numbers and frequencies that you receive and process. This means you have to find a new way to upgrade your own operating system – the system that is your own body, mind and spirit

A new operating system is needed not an upgrade!

The evolution of mankind has been influenced by numbers and frequencies. The way we look and behave as individuals, as family groups, communities and as a country carries with it the encoded memory of numbers and frequencies that many people are not aware of.

Our body retains a memory of all these numbers and frequencies and furthermore, it has the memory of what happens next. What you do next has been done next by millions of people before you and all this memory and frequency is contained within you.

You are ‘programmed’ to do what normally happens next – you are programmed to emotionally feel a certain way when certain things happen – and all this is because it has happened millions of times before and your body and mind contain the ‘processing’ to continue with the same pattern.

change your numbers and frequency

Interestingly, Albert Einstein said “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – in relation to this article it means we cannot solve the problems we created if we follow the same number sequence or frequencies.

Furthermore, life should be pursued by being with other people and in a community that follows such a path. This pathway simply involves a new operating system on a different frequency to one you have been brought up with.

Are you interested in considering such a change?

Vibrational Frequency Programming is the ‘phrase’ the author has named this change.

VFP is not a quick solution, however, it is the path more and more people are seeking.

Please JOIN VFP to learn how to be more naturally receptive and learn how to tune in to what is really going on in your life. Learn to swith off from frequencies that influence you and are taking you down a pathway of using or relying on artificial intelligence.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Nicola Tesla

Help us with our mission . . .

We integrate well-being initiatives into communites in an attempt for people to tune in and thrive with ‘what we refer to as – ‘love energy’  and we need your help.

We would be delighted to discuss how you you could contribute to tune in and support our positive communal well-being initiatives.

Our first communal well-being initiative is planned for January 2020 in Rochdale, England.

Holistic Wellbeing Programmes

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We have to start somewhere and with something – so Vibrational Frequency Programming Membership will initially be promoted via a series of free seminars and workshops.