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The Directors at Be Super Ltd. derive their riches through the joy and peace of supporting other people. They have created a holistic wellbeing programme called Vibrational Frequency Programming – VFP. It is going to be available at their new website www.besuper.ltd and from their new SUPER APP. Moreover, all the insights from this website will be represented in video format and made available as online courses from www.besuper.ltd and SUPER app.

This website will focus purely on the marketing and sales of our superfoods4u products.

VFP combines cutting edge science with practical wisdom, holistic energy and a number of other incredible phenomena – it provides THE TRUTH for your benefit

do what you love and others will love what you do

VFP – Vibrational Frequency Programming involves 6 initial programmes; all are available as stand alone programmes; however, they are being developed to be run as sequential lifestyle programmes that can be accessed via SUPER app.

Access to VFP:

Community organisations / schools / groups may discuss access options with us and pay for a single or multiple programmes as required – (please contact us to discuss all options).

Free access is available to anyone simply by browsing the free category at the website or from the FREE mobile app – SUPER app. (Due to be launched in September 2020).

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This post provides a summary of our 6 retuning programmes – all of these, as you can see already exist and will form the heart of SUPER APP:

As you read this – ask yourself  – could and would you contribute to enhance this?

VFP#1 LiCrON / Regeneration – This is step 1 of your re-tuning:


VFP#1 seeks to provide insights on the correct actions you can take to improve and maintain the functioning of your brain and body via rest; sleep, social interaction and nutrition. The power of your desire will change you physically and mentally – and VFP#1 will inspire you on this tuning pathway. As you become better aware of yourself and learn to focus on that which improves your performance then all aspects of your life will feel better.

  • VFP#1 will improve the way you perform, both mentally and physically; and the duration of time you can perform well.
  • VFP#1 will provide you with insights to improve your sleep; to improve your health and fitness; to improve your wellbeing and longevity. It will improve the way you feel about yourself, and it will improve the way you interact and feel about other people.
  • VFP#1 will remove toxins and low level inflammation from your body; it will remove oxidative stress and free radicals; promote calmness, peace and emotional wellbeing; improve feelings of positivity and minimise ageing; balance your hormones and optimise your heart rate variation; reduce blood pressure and lower your cholesterol; increase mental and physical activity; improve sleep and regenerate healthy new cells whilst laying the foundation for optimal performance. It will produce a stronger, fitter and more resilient mind and body and make you feel healthy, strong and happy.
  • If you need it then you will also lose weight, lose fat and retune to new rhythms of positive fundamental frequencies that will resonate joy, love and satisfaction.

VFP#1 is run in 3 phases of 21 days (9 weeks) and may be doubled for 27 weeks and ultimately become a lifestyle pattern – THIS IS THE INTENTION AND THIS IS HOW YOU FULLY BENEFIT!.

You can tune in with your Members Password at Category VFP#1

Key words include – LiCrON (Low Insulin, Calorie Restricted, Optimal Nutrition); Hormesis; Autophagy; Antifragility; Sleep and Regeneration, Alkaline, Parasympathetic; Polyvagal; Number 1; Clockwise Ascending, Cyclical Sequence 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 – 9.

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In between VFP#1 and VFP#2 SUPER app will be running a new ‘CONNECTION’ programme. This will focus on patterns and rhythms that link the physical aspects together.


VFP#2 Growth – This is step 2 of your re-tuning:


This focuses on your patterns of activity, exercise and recovery. It utilises insights from body psychotherapy and natural body movement in conjunction with social interaction. It should ideally be taken up after VFP#1 has become established. It will produce a stronger, fitter and more resilient mind and body and make you feel healthy, strong and happy. It will develop physical and mental resilience, agility, fitness and strength. It also promotes optimal hormonal balance and Heart Rate Variation to maximise social and emotional intelligence.

Muscle Mass, Strength & Brain Health:

One of the indicators of brain health as you get older is your muscle mass. VFP#2 provides insights on the principles for strength training and natural movement. It has a particular focus for those who are aged 50+. It is important to be vibrant and highly functioning on a mental and physical basis NOW and for the rest of your life. This does not mean you need to be a body builder or cross fit enthusiast; it simply implies that it is beneficial to maintain your strength and fitness rather than ‘let it all go’.

VFP#2 is run in 3 phases of 3 weeks and may be duplicated to become a lifestyle pattern – THIS IS THE INTENTION AND THIS IS HOW YOU FULLY BENEFIT!

You can tune in with your Members Password at Category VFP#2

Key words include – Sleep; Physical and Mental Renewal, Regeneration and Growth: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic; Metamorphosis heal and evolve.

Number 8; Anti-Clockwise Descending, Cyclical Sequence 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – 9.

VFP#1 and VFP#2 are part of the same ‘wave’ that is retuned. Poor nutrition, poor exercise and an intake of toxins (mainly alcohol and sugar) limit your optimal functioning and will lead to cognitive decline, illness, disease and an unhealthy and earlier end to your life. 

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VFP#3 Heal and Evolve – This is step 3 of your re-tuning.

VFP#3-Heal and Evolve

VFP#3 is all about tuning in to mental and emotional intelligence.

VFP#3 may be accessed in a variety of ways. 

  • As 2 individual physical programmes / workshops and / or 
  • An online book about how to gain Higher Emotional Intelligence.
  • A 12 week mentoring programme to support you in understanding the 13 levels of emotional being within the levels of consciousness.

Healing: This is a practical programme of healing that focuses on your patterns of being / feeling between your inner self and your physical body. The programme utilises new concepts in perception. The learning from this tuning is via practical guidance / doing rather than explanation. It is delivered by the founder (Marcus Pearson) who guides students ‘how to simply be in tune with their own body’ and ‘how it feels to tune in with their guide’. The new patterns of being will reduce anxiety and provide calmness, peace, emotional wellbeing and promote an ability to learn and to better socially interact.

It should ideally be taken up after VFP#1 and VFP#2 have become established, however, it may be applied as a stand alone programme run in 5 – 6 week blocks.

It is particularly beneficial for students / children within a school setting.

Evolve: This is delivered via theoretical and practical workshops with a focus for those seeking to become a guide for others to evolve further. The insights may be used for the benefit of students or teachers or indeed anyone seeking to improve individual and group cohesion via the above ‘healing’ practical sessions. 13 spiral zones are identified and used to explain the vibrational waves that make up your psyche and ‘the now’; and each is applied within practical workshops in a practical manner from a physical, mental and spiritual perspective.

VFP#3 Heal & Evolve are both intervention programmes using body psychotherapy in conjunction with the Safe and Sound Protocol based on Polyvagal Theory. The starting point for the ‘tuning’ is the feeling of trust and safety – or being ‘safe and sound’. The programme may be delivered within an educational or work / family  based environment. It may also be run as a research programme with formal neuropsychological cognitive behaviour assessments. An ‘optional online cognitive test’ may be used to discover where there are symptoms or difficulties related to concentration / attention, memory, reasoning, planning, or coordination and assess to what extent the applied therapies provide benefits. This is normally run in 5 – 6 week blocks.

Optional additional techniques may be used such as EFT and Quick Coherence.

A 12 week video course to support you identify your own level of emotional intelligence and consciousness and then to go forward in helping others; is provided by one of the Directors of Be Super Ltd. Ideally you will be paired with another member and will be encouraged to support one another. Each week has a specific focus for your development. The aim of this is to embed the wisdom so you may repeat the process as a lifestyle pattern. The Director will commit 4 hours per week for 12 weeks to support you on a personal basis.

Key words include – Emotional Intelligence, Levels of Consciousness; Quick Coherence; Polyvagal Theory; Safe and Sound Protocol; Neuropsychological Cognitive Behaviour Assessments; Sleep; Physical and Mental Renewal, Regeneration and Growth: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic;

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Number 2; Clockwise Ascending, Cyclical Sequence 2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7 – 9.

Number 7; Anti-Clockwise Descending, Cyclical Sequence 7,5,3,1,8,6,4,2 – 9

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VFP#4 Mutual Purpose – This is step 4 of your re-tuning:

VFP#4-Mutual Purpose

It is run more as a workshop than a programme. It focuses on your patterns of being / feeling between your inner spiritual self and the spiritual being of others. Developing a ‘harmonic resonance’ with others such as family; work colleagues; those you socialise with during ‘play’ or retirement. It is concerned with ‘mutual purpose’ rather than simply taking part in an activity. 

Through such unified and greater resonance you have the opportunity to develop your spirit and possibly fulfil its own journey by resonating with your physical body and the body and spirit of others.

It may be delivered over a 3 – 4 hour period, with the actual timescales flexible to suit you.

Key words include – Quick Coherence, HRV; Heart Rhythm Coherence; Psychophysiological coherence; Harmonic Resonance; EFT, Pendulum and Muscle Resistance; Polyvagal Theory; Body Psychotherapy and Cognitive Cohesion; Emotional Breathing and Gratitude;

You can tune in with your Members Password at Category VFP#4

Number 4; Clockwise Ascending, Cyclical Sequence 8,3,7,2,6,1,5 – 9.

Number 5; Anti-Clockwise Descending, Cyclical Sequence 1,6,2,7,3,8,4 – 9

VFP#4 – Is also about ; We are currently working on an app (Transcend) that is for those with Higher Emotional Intelligence to share with others “how to interact”.

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VFP#5 – Raising Consciousness from 200 – 500+:

Raising Consciousness

VFP#5 – Raising Consciousness from 200 – 500+ is aimed at the top 15% of the population.

It is crucial that you are aware of your status and seek to maintain and preferably raise it.

A little perspective on the perceived difficulty of ‘significantly raising levels of consciousness’. 

According to Dr David Hawkins, the average figure that a ‘human lifetime’ has risen its level of consciousness is only 5 points. (EG 200 – 205). He believes that with the correct insights (from his own book ‘Power vs. Force’, it is possible to raise the levels by 35 points (EG 200 – 235).

I believe that any individual ‘can transcend in one lifetime’ and raise their level of consciousness by a few hundred levels – to above 500+. I do not concur with Hawkins that “Mankind lacks the capacity to recognise the difference between good and evil” (Power vs Force p. 223). His conclusion that “wisdom can ultimately be reduced to the simple process of avoiding that which makes you go weak – nothing else is really required” . Whilst this approach may lead to progressively more positive intuition; he also concludes that mankind does not possess the intellect to perceive the problems of physical life, and he goes on to say “we cannot enter into higher levels of existence until we advance in consciousness to the point where we overcome duality and are no longer earthbound.” 

I believe we can and should be seeking to achieve this ‘stage of being whilst our current physical body exists, rather than wait AND HOPE THAT OUR SPIRIT MAY TRANSCEND IN A FUTURE PHYSICAL LIFE’.

One individual (possibly you) with a consciousness level of 400 has the power to influence 400,000 humans below the level of 200 – so your improvement and impact is significant – AND WORTHY OF PRAISE!

Marcus Pearson

Furthermore, I have written about this in my book The Ultimate Purpose.

The VFP programme within this website AND the SUPER app seeks to support those already on the positive spiral (200+) and seek to raise levels above 500+

I have a limited offer available to a limited number (10) of individuals who would like to further develop our mobile app – SUPER APP – we are prepared to develop the app so you may support others in the way you feel is best – so please contact us ASAP.

You can tune in with your Members Password at Category VFP#5

Number 3; Clockwise Ascending, Cyclical Sequence 3,6,9,3,6,9,3,6 – 9.

Number 6; Anti-Clockwise Descending, Cyclical Sequence 3,9,6,3,9,6,3 – 9

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VFP#6 Thrive – Community Behaviour Change:


Our Thrive projects pull most of the other VFP programmes together. VFP#6 is about taking action with others to make a duplicatable holistic solution for behavioural change. At this level of tuning it is all about being focused to achieve a mutual purpose.

Shaolin Monks refer to this focus as overcoming the 5 hindrances to self mastery. However, most of us are not such monks and live within a more ‘normal auto-pilot indoctrinated society’. As such perhaps the purpose of a ‘normal’ person may be to ‘step out from this perspective’ and to live with a higher purpose as both a creative individual and a unified community.

You can tune in with your Members Password at Category VFP#6

Number 9:

VFP THRIVE seeks to take action –

We DO NOT NEED to wait for the Government – read on . . .

“The VFP THRIVE initiative seeks to empower people through ‘a retuning of health, nutrition and well-being’. Once people realise they have it within themselves to alter their own future, they can free their auto-pilot beliefs that they are trapped; make positive choices as individuals and as a community and live a life with true purpose.

VFP seeks to bring ‘like minded people’ with positivity together. As an example “VFP Thrive Rochdale” will use health, nutrition and exercise as an initial focus for further well-being. We seek to infuse people with positivity and surround them with positivity so they may live with a higher purpose as both a creative individual and a unified community.

Let’s do it!

Marcus Pearson

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Any queries please Ring Marcus Pearson – 07931 326 164

Full details of all the programmes are provided within our members section.

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