An Introduction to LiCrON – Low Insulin Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition

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Welcome to the the introduction to a NEW HEALTH PROGRAMME called

LiCrON – Low Insulin Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition – it is part of VFP – Vibrational Frequency Programming


LiCrON foods are full of nutrients and low in sugar and calories – THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THESE FOODS IS THE SUPERFOOD BLEND “SF1”


LiCrON is for vegans, it is forfvegetarians, it is great with Atkins and Paleo and supports and supports Keto – furthermore, it can easily be adapted for whatever you want; most of all it is probably the healthiest way of eating in the world – read on for more details:

If you want to be healthy and fit then the ability to communicate with your body will have great benefits for you. The LiCrON Programme will show you how to do this in a simple, fun and effective way.

The LiCrON Programme is based around 3 main considerations:

  1. It is important to eat nutritionally dense food so that you consume at least 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance on a daily basis for all vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The basis of this is SF1, which is probably the most nutritious superfoods blend in the world and the tastiest.
  2. It is important to consider the ‘insulin load’ of the food you are eating, and to keep the load as low as possible – this includes minimising your DAIRY intake, details to follow.
  3. Once the 2 considerations above have been met, then it is important to keep the calories as low as possible.

LiCrON is perfect for losing fat, lowering your bad cholesterol and balancing your hormones.

LiCrON is perfect as an anti-inflammatory diet / lifestyle.

LiCrON is also perfect for maintaining and building muscle on a lean frame. 

LiCrON is a perfect programme to achieve optimum functional capacity of your mind and body. It will help optimise autophagy and raise the frequency of your harmonic resonance. 

The LiCrON Programme is possibly the greatest natural anti diabetic and cancer approach you could adopt as a lifestyle protocol.

It is also a big support for those with auto immune problems because it balances your hormones and allows your body to self regulate itself. Adopting The LiCrON Programme, in agreement with your own doctor, would be a great way to ease yourself out of prescribed medication. Your life would be much healthier without any medicine, toxins or strange diets.

You have everything to gain by joining VFP and accessing all the insights and personal support from the founder.

Click here for more insights on the medical truth behind cancer. 

LiCrON is a health based pogramme rather than a weight loss programme, however, it is likely that you will lose more weight (fat not muscle) on LiCrON than any other programme.

The LiCrON Programme provides a practical solution that you can simply follow without any calculations or thought via our Ultimate List of Primary Foods and its adaptations.

If you want to adapt THE ULTIMATE LIST OF PRIMARY FOODS please follow the links below:

How to adapt LiCrON if you want to follow a ‘conventional’ style of eating and socialising.

How to adapt LiCrON if you want to follow a Paleo or Keto adapted style of eating and socialising.

How to adapt LiCrON if you want to follow a vegetarian or vegan adapted style of eating and socialising.

How to adapt LiCrON if you follow an intense physical performance or training routine for cardio or strength training purposes.

What about alcohol and health:

The LiCrON Programme also has details on alcohol and on how drinking red wine with dark chocolate and nuts can actually be beneficial.

Additional relevant insights from VFP:

The following link is great at explaining how calories are misleading:

The following link is great at explaining the Physiologic Effects of Insulin:

The following link is great at explaining how high levels of insulin cause diabetes:

The following link is great at explaining cardiovascular and diabetic risk factors.

Elevated Insulin, NOT Cholesterol Is the Single Greatest Marker of CVD Risk

If you know anyone that might benefit from The LiCrON Programme then please like and share this post.

Thank You,

Marcus Pearson


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