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Marcus Pearson AKA P Diddly Dacious lives in Rochdale, England. He is a happily married man with five children and three grandchildren (and growing). He has written two books on the Purpose of Life. These were written after he claims to have been 'enlightened' in 2013 and he has had subsequent enlightenments since. Everything he does and how he lives is underpinned by his desire to help others become enlightened.
He has worked in a supportive environment all his working life. As a contract work study engineer, management consultant, entrepreneur, sports coach, instructor and mentor for children, young people and adults. For the past ten years he has also focused on digital marketing, health, nutrition and exercise. Marcus has developed his own range of superfoods and his own holistic approach called Vibrational Frequency Programming.
He only writes about what he has experienced, however, he cross references it with perspective from others around the world to try and remain balanced. He has no desire to influence, only to provide insight.

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By using PERSPECTIVE as a starting point this brief article provides an example of how my workshop on business / work / leisure / retirement & surviving can provide you with PURPOSE and develops to cover more holistic aspects of our lives . . .


Sometimes when you ‘get to the top’ you have perspective to see the wood above the trees.

Many people do not gain this perspective and are restricted in business, work, leisure, retirement or just surviving from the perspective of the things that surround them.

Others seem to excel in business and seem to have what it takes to ‘get to the top’  – but this is only PERSPECTIVE created by our ‘auto-pilot civilisation’ – they may in fact be no further up the spiral of energy than someone who appears less successful . . .

True success may be better perceived as having control of your own emotions; it may be perceived as not allowing the pressures from other people or situations impact on your own ‘internal management’. (This is referred to as ‘Kriya’ by Isha founder Sadhguru).

So how and why do you ‘get to the top’ to gain perspective?

This is a common question and many people have given interesting answers , however, my answer is  –

“you do not have to get to the top in order to gain perspective in business, work, leisure, retirement or just surviving”

what you need is to recognise the perspective that clear and honest purpose (devoting your heart to a moment) overcomes the need to see further.

Just because someone appears successful does not mean they know what is right for you. We each have an individual spiral of energy and as you tune in to the higher frequencies and become pure to yourself you will reallise that finding your inner self and living as that being is what defines you and this ‘enlightenment’ will allow you to ‘get to the top’.

Marcus Pearson

Many people have experienced unfortunate things in their life and due to the pressures of our busy and relentless civilisation we are obliged to ‘get on with life’ and often bury these negative thoughts and feelings.

This negative energy always remains in our sub-conscious and will always hold us back in business, work, leisure, retirement and even just surviving – unless you know how to release it?!

This workshop provides new perspective on how important it is to gain emotional freedom so we can discover and live as our true self.

Learn how to free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings – gain EMOTIONAL FREEDOM . . .

I believe a holistic approach is most beneficial in supporting any individual, family or community gain emotional freedom.

I now have a clear purpose in life that did not reveal itself until I had freed myself of all the negative energy that was in my conscious and sub conscious. My clarity is so strong that it has led to spiritual enlightenment and this has taken me to a higher frequency up the spiral of perspective.

One of the most challenging aspects of life for me now, is trying to relate what I know to others that have not received similar enlightenment. The reason I want to share this perspective is because although “The Ultimate Purpose of Life” is within the grasp of anyone, it is often buried within the sub –conscious mind of individuals, and more significantly, it is hidden and often restricted by the every-day ‘civilised’ way we go about almost everything. We are not emotionally free to clear our mind in readiness for spiritual enlightenment.

“However, enlightenment is useless if it leads to nothing – it is not where inspiration comes from that is important – it is what it leads to and what it creates.”

Marcus Pearson

Marcus Pearson

The Ultimate Purpose in life is the same for everyone (this may not be obvious) and when everyone is tuned in to the same frequency then everyone will benefit.

The discussions from this workshop are underpinned by the enlightenment covered in my main book – “The Ultimate Purpose”

This workshop will discuss the practical ways in which we might introduce such positive strategies and tune in together. It also highlights how negative energy is holding us back – and how you can gain emotional freedom.

Contact Marcus Pearson about the next workshop and start gaining insights that will have such a positive impact on you that they will ’empower you to take action’ and start the journey to become “The Greatest Version of Yourself”.