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SF1 has to be the greatest Superfood blend in the world

It provides the most important vitamins in abundance:
More Nutritional data here combined with The Ultimate List of Primary Foods:

SF1 is The Ultimate Superfood Blend:

SF1 is a super tasty supplement or a main meal

It may be used as a supplement or as a meal replacement.
A 100g bottle cost's £20.00 and contains 20 x 5g servings.
We also have a 25g sample (5 servings) for only £7.50

SF1 is the most nutritionally dense, organic whole food in the world, and it tastes fantastic.

It is blended and distributed in the UK by superfoods4u - the item is in stock and can be with you within 3 days - ORDER NOW!
It is virtually Sugar Free, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy and Gluten Free.

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LiCrON High Vibrational Food

SF1 is a unique blend of superfoods:
Each individual superfood has a high alkaline pH, has super negative ions, and is what we call a LiCrON, High Frequency Food. The quantities we have used stimulate unusually high levels of energy and also promote the development of human growth hormone.
When combined with the LiCrON foods in the VFP Members Section, you can virtually live off 1,064 calories per day to provide everything you need to thrive.
It's Super ingredients include:
Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Spirulina & Chlorella; Cocao and Camu Camu.

SF1 is Super tasty and versatile:

It mixes well with water, a variety of milks (especially almond and coconut milk - yummee) and any of your favourite other mixes - it also makes a great ice cream, hummus and guacomole.

SF1 is also a Luxury Face Mask

SF1 has also been mixed with other special ingredients to make an incredibe natural skin cleanser and toner - perfect for a luxury face mask, and incredibly cheap at only £15.00 (comparable brands charge in excess of £75.00)
TOP TIP Add the 25g sample or the Facemask to your order - you will love the cosmetic container it comes in.

SF1 Purchase Options

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