SF2 Superfood blend

SF2 - Premium Superfood Blend

SF2 is a body detoxifier and pH enhancer with negative ions; skin cleanser, fungal killer, natural deodorant and toothpaste.

It is sold in a 250g re-sealable pouch and also comes with an attractive 25g portable and sealable dispenser.
All for an incredible inclusive price of £25.00


Buy 4 pouches and get an extra pouch for free (order 5 and only pay for 4)
All purchase prices are subject to £3.95 delivery per UK order.

SF2 Purchase Options

SF2 has to be the greatest detox and cleanser in the world:

The benefits of mixing 1 tsp with water and drinking:

When taken before HIIT or other intense exercise, SF2 buffers any lactic acid that builds up in hard-working muscles, delays fatigue and enhances athletic performance.
SF2 carries a high negative electrical charge that both cleans the blood and eliminates free radicals, viruses and other harmful organisms. It also improves bone mineralization, protects joints and fights the effect of ageing.
SF2 improves digestion, combats kidney disease, metabolic acidosis, reduces heartburn and provides better colon functioning whilst removing heavy metals.
It provides a stronger immune function and protection from illnesses and is also a mild antiseptic.
SF2 also provides a healthier looking skin, hair, nails and stronger bones. It also provides protection from fractures and osteoporosis as well as improved joint and ligament health and improved energy.

When applied topically as a powder (like talcum powder) it helps sooth itchiness and irritation; and when rubbed on your feet and underarms makes an excellent natural deodorant.


SF2 Purchase Options

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