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SF SUPER WATER SYSTEM SF SUPER </a>WATER JUG sf h2 molecular tablets 1/4 inch compression valve

1/4 Inch Compression Diverter Valve that connects to your kitchen faucet.

This diverter valve allows you to switch between the tap water from your faucet and filtered water from the unit - IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED YOU PURCHASE THIS ITEM WITH YOUR ULTRASTREAM SUPER WATER SYSTEM.
The tubing attaches snuggly to the compression connection and diverts the water to the filtration unit when you push the slide.
Simply push the slide to return to regular tap water.
This is a very strong and solid stainless steel design.
N.B. An adaptor Set is included with the full system!
How to measure:
Firstly unscrew your aerator from the bottom of your kitchen tap.
Now measure the diameter of your aerator:
-If the aerator is a male thread measure the diameter from the outside of the thread.
-If the aerator is a female thread measure the diameter on the inside of the thread. If this measurement is 15 mm then purchase the same thread adapter as your aerator thread.

This is the official Ultrastream Installation Video from Alkaway:

Undersink Kit Option - Additional Information:

undersink kit
This kit allows you to fit the UltraStream System under the sink. It includes all parts required to install the UltraStream under the sink.
We’ve spent a lot of time making sure the undersink kit fulfills the need for a simple trouble free installation, even without the need for a plumber.
The UltraStream Undersink Installation kit comes from the same factory as the UltraStream in the USA. All parts are NSF certified. The faucet employs ceramic valves to eliminate leaks and it is all metal construction.
We use a custom designed faucet that prevents mains pressure water entering the UltraStream. If (for whatever reason) your UltraStream – or the tubes supplying it, leak, it will not leak mains pressure water. Only the water in the UltraStream and the supply 1/4″ tubes will be lost.
Please note we don’t expect this to happen. We just design for it.


Click here for the manual - pdf


Order 60 H2 Tablets, PLUS The Ultrastream Super Water System, PLUS the SF Super Water Jug and save £55.00 PLUS we will give you the 1/4 Inch Compression Diverter Valve worth a further £19.99 GBP for FREE.
ORDER NOW For only £550.00 inc delivery


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